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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-10-13-2015-AA- Fort WorthTX 1113
I think it's AA,found Ft.Worth TX.

2015-10-13AU-2015- -2802 IvorytonCT 1112
This little guy was found on our deck eating the drops of bird seed. he very causally wandered into our garage for more food. He pretty much let me pick him up to check out his bands. He is now resting all snuggled into his feathers on the deck.

2015-10-12AU-2015-RPC-4707 La BargeWY 1111
We have this pigeon at our house and he will not go away. I have 4 outdoor cats who keep cornering him. I have brought him indoors. What do I do now??

2015-10-12AU-2015-AA-5432 KillianLA 1110
In my back yard on the Tickfaw River as of Friday Oct 9th Still here on Monday Oct 12th. Has blue band staying by my chicken during the day and rousting on my neighbors window seal.

2015-10-12-2015-CCC-903 HanoverPA 1109
Bird found. Appears healthy. Does not allow human contact.

2015-10-12- - - WarwickNY 1108
A white homing pigeon is on my front porch and I fed her and gave her water. Her two leg bands read - Right leg#2262 and left leg #5759. I cannot find any letters as it's hard to read. Do you know how to track her and is she lost?

2015-10-12AU-2015-KEN-1152 Poplar GroveIL 1107
Found last week. Sorry it took so long to post. I didn't realize there was a site like this!

2015-10-11AU-2015-CORP-4038 AlturasCA 1106
Healthy bird has been roosting in hay barn. Has blue band with info. and yellow tape band over green plastic with no info.

2015-10-11AU-2015-QUEEN-1281 LivoniaLA 1105
I have a pigeon in my possession

2015-10-11- - -41 WhitneyTX 1104
Only one leg band, yellow plastic, white homing pigeon. Found in backyard.

2015-10-10AU-2015-MAC-5231 ElkinNC 1103


2015-10-09AU-2015-NEPLS-2843 BedfordTX 1102
To whom it may concern, I'm sorry to say that I found a beautiful white dead pigeon with the following leg ring tag info. Blue Tag AU-2843 2015 NEPLS. I found bird in my yard.

2015-10-08AU-2015-TRPC-5365 Fort WorthTX 1101
Hi. The pigeon we have named Pete has a blue band on his right leg and a green band on his left. We first noticed Pete on Wednesday, September 30 when my husband saw him by our swimming pool and a Cooper's Hawk on the pool furniture getting ready to pounce on Pete. Luckily when the hawk saw my husband it flew off. Since we have several backyard birdfeeders we had some seed to feed him. We thought it was strange when we went outside and he didn't act frightened, like he was used to being around people. We also thought he might be injured and could not fly but found that not to be the case. After a week it has become apparent that Pete wasn't going anywhere. A friend of mine was over my house this morning and we were discussing the pigeon. She suggested I Google "I found a pigeon" to see what I could find. I was able to get close enough to get the info off the blue band today which I am submitting on the form I found on Google. I never dreamed Pete was a Racing Pigeon! I have taken numerous pictures and videos if you need to see them. I really hope you find Pete's owner, he is so beautiful!

2015-10-07AU-2014-SBY-1437 Palm DesertCA 1100
Does this really friendly White & Gray Pidgeon belong to anyone in this area?? It made it's Day Home on my Patio for the last tow weeks during the day and takes off in the late afternoon only to come back in the AM.

2015-10-07AU-2014-HIGH POINT-1892 Palm DesertCA 1099
Orange zip tie on opposite leg Hanging out at Coachella Valley Wild Bird Rescue facility Indio, CA. Looks healthy

2015-10-06AU-2013- -83133 TacomaWA 1098
The pigeon was found in a warehouse in Tacoma.

2015-10-06NPA-2009-CA-2724 VistaCA 1097


2015-10-04AU-2015-NEPLS-1582 SchenectadyNY 1096
I'm sorry to report this little bird was found deceased in our yard. We did remove the band if the owner would like it back. Please contact me and let me know the owner has been informed of this sadness. I wouldn't sleep nights knowing my little bird was lost. Even though the out come is very sad, as least they will know. Thanks so much - Tamara

2015-10-04- - -4502 JuneauWI 1095
I can't get the band information because since we've been feeding him/her, it won't let me get as close. Left leg has Light blue band (only marking I can make out is "4502") and orange band. Right leg has dark blue band and green. Located in Dodge Co.

2015-10-03AU-2015-TEXAS-5777 PearlandTX 1094
We were leaving for an early dinner about 4:30 today and as we backed down the driveway, the bird was sitting under our car. Thankfully we didn't run over it. It let us get close but then flew at a low altitude to our neighbor's house two houses away where it got under their car. My boyfriend was able to crawl under the car and get the bird. We are keeping it in a dog crate inside our home. We bought some bird seed at Walmart and have provided water. We are keeping a towel draped over the kennel to help keep it calm. We would love to return this beautiful bird to its owner. It has a marroon, white and orange bands on the legs.

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