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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-10-30-2015-TJF-5017 ShelbyvilleMI 1133
Found the bird hanging out with my chickens--eating purina chicken pellets and drinking from the chicken water. I caught the bird and have it in a makeshift cage--to be released Sunday 11/1/15 if I don't hear anything. White head and tail, grey/brown with green sheen body. Beautiful specimen.

2015-10-30AU-2009-SXM-4030 Anguilla, CaribbeanFL 1132
I am trying to locate the owner of a bird I found with an injured wing and have been nursing. The wing is healed but the bird is unable to fly. I live on the island of Anguilla, next door to St Martin/St Maarten. The band is yellow and reads:

2015-10-29AU- - -364 MechanicsburgPA 1131
This was the only information I could obtain from the band. He has been perched on the ledges of our building for a week. Unsure if he is eating or drinking. Orange band.

2015-10-28- - -17707 Baton RougeLA 1130
There is a beautiful pigeon with a blue band at my work.please contact me asap

2015-10-27- - - LeesburgFL 1129
Bird came to our yard the weekend of a pidgeon race 2 weeks ago. Has a blue band/white tale. Beautiul bird. Meant to say we would like to find the family. Haven't been able to catch him. Been feeding & giving the beautiful bird fresh water. Would love to find the owner

2015-10-25IF-2015-FOYS-10146 BerryvilleVA 1128


2015-10-24- - - MedinaOH 1127
There has been a pigeon that visits our house daily and comes right up to the windows of the house. I have tried to get close enough to provide it water but it won't let me get closer than 20 ft unless it's through the glass window. The bird has a blue band on one foot and a red band on the other. Can't get close enough to see the letters and numbers.

2015-10-23IF-2015-UPC-738 Mount JacksonVA 1126

2015-10-22AU-2010-SEA-955 SeattleWA 1125
Other leg has one yellow and one purple bands. Found slightly injured. Is recovering well. Eating lots so I guess he/she isn't feeling too bad.

2015-10-22IF-2015-NJF-656 WestfordVT 1124
This bird showed up at my house on Monday. I caught it today and put it in a safe place so my dog and cat do not get it. Also has a red band with the number 7687

2015-10-22-2009-CRC-600 SlingerWI 1123
The letters on the band are CRC

2015-10-21AU- -WW-24420 KennewickWA 1122
I found a white pigeon in my yard in Kennewick, WA on Oct 13, 15. I won't let me catch it but I was able to read some of the banding which is listed above with my spotting scope. It's eating with the rest of the birds I feed here. Trying to identify it and catch it. The band also states W. Richland, but I called the guy there and he said WW was Walla Walla which the club is no longer meeting. The bands are green and red.

2015-10-20AU-2015-WCI-85 RosedaleIN 1121
This bird was found dead in the road in front of our house today.

2015-10-18AU-2014-FOYS-2367 Daytona BeachFL 1120
came walking up to me watering plants wanting water and hungry .put it in cat cage overnight and gave bird food and water. reading online to feed, water and release after 24 to 48 hours and it should go back home. Is this true

2015-10-17AU-2015-FOYS-11988 Ormond BeachFL 1119
I have found an injured homing bird, wing might be broken, pls call asap anytime i do not know what to do with i

2015-10-17AU-2015-TXHC-1338 Spring BranchTX 1118
Found dead pigeon in back yard. Blue band on right leg.

2015-10-16AU-2015-ARPU-22913 SteelvilleMO 1117


2015-10-16AU-2015-CHT-1691 DouglasvilleGA 1116


2015-10-14AU-2015-TRPC-5927 FranklinTX 1115


2015-10-14IF-262-SSF- AlbertsonNY 1114
found a homing pigeon in my backyard. He is injured and can't fly high. We have him safe and are feeding him. Please contact us to retrieve the bird.

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