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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-09-17IF-2015-ACF-0759 FrederickMD 1067
Found at my former farm in Poolesville Maryland over a week ago. I'm not 100% sure of the band information, it was hard for me to read.

2015-09-16IF-2015-BHS-2015 PasadenaMD 1066
This is a blue bar with a racing chip band

2015-09-16AU-2015-MCI-1277 BeverlyOH 1065


2015-09-15AU-2015-MEM-7 GladbrookIA 1064


2015-09-15AU-2015-X-FILES-303 Mount VernonTX 1063
Found, still alive not in good shape

2015-09-15AU-2015-ARPU-37693 Lake WylieSC 1062
The pigeon came to our deck Sunday for a rest. Didn't see him yesterday. Came back today with a injury to the top of its head - skull is visible. He is safe from hawks in a cage on our deck. What do you want me to do with him?

2015-09-14IF-2015-EMC-1917 FalmouthVA 1059
Yellowbband .. perched on my porch chair Water and bird food made available ..

2015-09-14-2014- -56489 SheridanAR 1061
I am unable to catch the bird or get close enough to see if there are actual letters on the yellow band. There is a white band on one foot and a yellow with identification numbers on it. Sit has been here for about 3 weeks now, and becoming like a permanent fixture. Not sure what to fees it. It watches the chickens and drinks water, every day it appears the pigeon gets a little closer to the chickens it doesn't mind me walking past it, or on their riding lawn mower.

2015-09-14AU-2014-CBS-2549 MiamiFL 1060
Lost a newly purchased pigeon in Miami fl. Desperately looking for it. 786-564-1241

2015-09-14AU-2015-FRC-443 MaderaCA 1058
Pigeon Came into our facility unable to fly. No visual injuries. Please send contact information.

2015-09-14- - -315 SomersetOH 1057
bird has not been caught. been here for 2 days.gave water and feeding under our pines. 315 is a blue band. other band is soiled white band can't see its id. hope this might help so far. if we did catch it don't know how to take care of it in a box. be nice if a club was informed in our county perry area or neighboring counties to help.

2015-09-13NBRC-2012-A-0547 Walled LakeMI 1056
Hi.. I found his guy hoping across a busy 4 lane road tonight... This is his band number NBRC 2012 A 0547... I would like to reunite him with his owners, what can I do? Thank you!

2015-09-13AU-2012-ARPU-93599 HennikerNH 1055
AU2012 ARPU559 (in small letters) 93599 (Large font)

2015-09-13AU-2013- -53596 DelightAR 1054

2015-09-13AU-2015-HELFRICH- FranciscoIN 1053


2015-09-13AU-2014-FOYS-2118 Saint Clair ShoresMI 1052
Found pigeon bird. I think it has a hurt wing. I have it in a cage. Feeding it food and water. Hopefully, can find the owner so he can come Get him.

2015-09-12IF-2008-A-12079 AbeleNY 1051
Pigeon walks around in our yard at 12:50 pm on September 12

2015-09-11AU-2015-SOA-148 BremenAL 1050
He/she has been at our home for about 3 days. In good shape flys fine and does not seem hurt. Green band on left leg has 148; red band on right leg has AU2015 SOA148. We love having it here and hope to continue to know how it is doing. Thanks

2015-09-11IF-2015-VPCA-0269 HancockNY 1049


2015-09-09IF- -SSF-330 RocklandMA 1048
SSF 330, It's a white band. There is also a blue band

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