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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2014-06-10AU-2012-CHICAGO-7360 BuffaloIA 622
Pigeon hanging round my house for days. Have in cage for now. What to do with it? How to find the owner

2014-06-08- - - WardensvilleWV 620
Two white bird showed up at my house 6/8/14 no sign of wanting to leave. They have bands on leg can not get near them.

2014-06-06-2014-CHN-1389 Belle MeadNJ 617
Found this poor warm dead body in the grocery shopping center parking lot in Hillsborough NJ.

2014-06-06AU-2012-GEW-5777 HaywardWI 618
Found at my home would not fly when approached picked up and put inside to protect from other animals

2014-06-06NPA-2014-AA-6054 HaymarketVA 619
Not sure if I put the number in right. It is NPA147AA6054. If you could please contact me as soon as possible. The problem that we are having it has been here for about a week. The bird is not really flying it can flutter to the top of the house but that is it.

2014-06-05AU-2010-ARR-723 WhitefieldOK 616


2014-06-03AU-2014- -220893 ClearlakeCA 614
I live in a rural area. I have a small pigeon aviary that has been visited every day in the morning by a small pigeon wearing a yellow band on its left leg bearing the number AU2014 220893. Is there a way I might contact the owner?

2014-06-03- - - CornellWI 615
we have a pigeon hanging around. it has one blue band and one red band on it's legs. it is mostly white with dark coloring on it's wings can't see well enough to read bands. can you help find it's owner.

2014-06-02- - - London Ontario CanadaON 610
I have a snow white pigeon that has taken up residence on my window sill in the last few days. I have been feeding him/or her as well as fresh water.There is a band on it's left leg.I haven't captured the bird -or tried but can get close enough to read what looks like CA295FS910. I would like to find the owner. Can you help?

2014-06-02-2010- -237 MoyockNC 611
A beautiful pigeon landed in our yard yesterday afternoon and is still with us. I don't know who to contact to find out his owner. He is banded on both feet - one green band with nothing on it that I can see and an orange band with VRA 2010 and the number 237 on it. Do you have any idea who I might call to help find his owners. I live in Moyock, North Carolina. Thank you.

2014-06-02- - -Db AndersonIN 612
Bird in anderson in for two days Is not hurt

2014-06-02AU-2010-VC-629 HortonvilleWI 613


2014-06-01IF- - -79243 MiamiFL 609
White pigeon w/ (2) bands. Green band #IF then a sideways E then #79243. Also black band #BF 1280 w/ sideways 10. I've been feeding & giving water to this bird. Seems very hungry & friendly. Will get within 12" of me so I could read the band #. Can catch this bird if I wanted but though it would be best left alone.

2014-05-26- - - DriftwoodTX 608
Sorry, I have not captured the bird. It showed up here (south of Austin) on Saturday, May 10. I read online that they usually will re-orient themselves and go on, but still here. It is a mostly white bird with black markings and has a bright green band and a bright orange-red band (one on either leg). It is now flying with white wing doves and eats from our bird feeders on a daily basis. I have photos and it appears to be tame, but not so that it will come to us. If anyone would like the photos, I would be happy to send.

2014-05-24AU-2012-FOYS-7490 BloomingtonIL 607
I was just shopping at Lowe's in Bloomington, IL and saw this beautiful bird (he was resting on the bird seed). I was able to read some of the number off of his band. I hope you can get him back to his owner. He was very calm and seemed to enjoy me talking with him.

2014-05-21-2012-MTS-152 ShepherdstownWV 606
Bird has been hanging around our house for days. We have captured it. The band reads MTS 12 152 with the "12" printed sideways. Would really like to find the owner. Any help is appreciated.

2014-05-20NPA-813- -4554 RutherfordNJ 605
bf 4554 npa 812 is on the blue band

2014-05-19AU-2012-NASH-2012 FarmingtonMO 604
Not sure who the bird belongs to however I found it in my yard wanting to return to owner asap I can not keep and do not want it to get hurt the bird can not FLY!!!

2014-05-17NPA-2010-BM-1037 ThomastonCT 603
this bird came up to very friendly and very hungry. i fed him gave him water and it is in a bird cage in my house .trying to find the owner to return

2014-05-16IF-2012-FOYS-12409 HilliardFL 602
Pigeon was found grounded. Fed and watered for 48+ hours. Attempted release this morning with no success. Will try again later today. Pigeon was walking wobbly. Only flew very low for 30 yards and had a rough landing in a bush. Looking for owner in case this sweet bird can't fly again. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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