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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2014-07-01AU-2013-MAL-612 ColdbrookNY 638


2014-06-28AU-2012-RPC-38492 AuburnNY 637
He or she has been living on the roof of our medical center for 3 weeks.We would like to help the bird get home. Thank you.

2014-06-27AU-2012-YPM-408 TroutdaleOR 1502
i found a dead bird in my yard, mostly bones, feathers and a leg with a band.

2014-06-27-2013-TSSCH-3365 ScrantonPA 636
The band is green with these letters TSSCH 7 13 3365 The 13 is written 1 on top 3 on the bottom I hope you can help tjis bird

2014-06-24IF-2013-BUFFALO-79 RochelleIL 635
this bird came to our farm, can not fly very well. we have it in a cage so we can care for it. please let us no who owns it. thank you,anna

2014-06-22-2008-CME-71 Las VegasNV 634
the bird has a orange band on left leg very scared and tired bird found him in my yard i have him in a well vented box with food and water he doesnt look injured or anything i just dont know what to do with him

2014-06-21AU-2013-EVV-521 Beech GroveKY 633
We found a pigeon on our farm who lost her tail feathers. Green Band has the numbers and letters....AU2013EVV0521 and the blue band has BBO. The blue band was harder to read so not sure if that's the right letters. Would like to find the owner.

2014-06-20AU-2014-TCN-4644 CranbrookBC 631
Found bird dead in our drive

2014-06-20- - - Rancho Palos VerdesCA 632
I can't read the code but it has a green band....

2014-06-19IF-2003-OPC-593 UniontownOH 630


2014-06-16- - - Centereach, Ny 11720NY 628
I have a pigeon hanging around on the roof of our garage for the past 3 days. Seems friendly but can not get close enough to see the band around her leg.

2014-06-16- -LCC-1983 BurlingtonCT 629
We have had a pigeon at our school for 2 days. There are 2 bands on the ankles, one green, one blue. It looks like there is an LCC and a 1983. Can you help?

2014-06-14-2010-NBRC-0738 HickoryNC 627
rusty brown colored body with white wing tips and tail feathers

2014-06-13- - - GlasgowUK 626
Found dead in Glasgow. UKNPA13B364EE

2014-06-12-2014-FTS-3711 DallasTX 625


2014-06-11-2005- - ScherervilleIN 623
IPB 2005R 13230

2014-06-11AU-2011-I-7630 YorkNE 624
Pigeon was found just walking in a friend's front yard. I currently have the bird in my care, but would like to find the owner. Thanks!

2014-06-10AU-2013-LIS-485 CadizOH 621
AU2013LIS485. Please call or email ASAP. Bird has been here for a week. Bright green band on right, purple band on left.

2014-06-10AU-2012-CHICAGO-7360 BuffaloIA 622
Pigeon hanging round my house for days. Have in cage for now. What to do with it? How to find the owner

2014-06-08- - - WardensvilleWV 620
Two white bird showed up at my house 6/8/14 no sign of wanting to leave. They have bands on leg can not get near them.

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