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2014-07-31- - - SunriseFL 667
found white homing pigeon ccpf 2007 orange band

2014-07-29AU- - -703 FlorenceNJ 665
Please call. He's a nice bird. We have bird food and water. He's approachable and calm. Can't read entire tag but will try to again. Green plastic, # 703 AU

2014-07-28-2014-HOLLYWOOD-3522 EnfieldCT 661
Hello - we have had a pigeon in our back yard since yesterday morning. It has flown from the back yard, to the roof, to our front yard. We have given it food and water. we were finally able to get close enough today and it looks like it says" 2014 Hollywood 3522" Not sure if this is something that will assist in locating the owner.

2014-07-28AU-2007-A-44403 IrvingTX 662
We found the bird in our parking lot and before we could capture it was hit by a car. We are very sorry for this

2014-07-28AU-2014-EXTREME-6 Las VegasNV 663
The only number on the tag other than the 2014 is a large 6. Pigeon is not able to fly but seems ok otherwise.

2014-07-28-2014- -237 DelalloPA 664
White Pigeon with red band. Arrived 7/27/2014.

2014-07-27-2014-PHX-4276 CoatesvillePA 657
Grey pigeon with spotted grey and white wings.

2014-07-27IF-2013-NWC-410 OxfordMA 658
I am the Animal Control Officer in Oxford and someone turned this bird into me. I would like to return it to it's owner as soon as possible. Thank you for ant help you can give me.

2014-07-27AU-2013-HAY-906 LivermoreCA 659
Found this bird dead in my backyard. Suspect a cat got it !

2014-07-27-2014-XXXXXLPC-xx65 MohntonPA 660
Additional info

2014-07-26AU-2014-SEVEN PINES-1062 LincolnMA 653
I found this bird dead today, July 26 in Lincoln MA. There were no obvious injuries

2014-07-26AU-2013-AA-34350 PeculiarMO 654
My husband and I just found this pigeon please call immediately.

2014-07-26-2009-MFC-1192 KatonahNY 655


2014-07-26-2014-TSSHC-113 BurlingtonCT 656
Metal tag reads: TSSHC 7 14 113 Red band on right leg also Been here at least a week. I cannot locate the club for TSSHC

2014-07-25NPA-2009- -1995 CarmichaelCA 652
I have got a all white pigeon with a green band - NPRA 2009 1995 on it and a blue band on the other leg with nothing on it. The bird is fine and is now in my home. Please someone tell me what to do with it. I is a great bird. Please help me find the owner.

2014-07-24AU-2014-UTK-1150 ChaumontNY 650
Found a white homing pigeon in our yard today. 7/24. Might be hurt. Seems very tame

2014-07-24AU-2014-CAPILLA-736 Allen ParkMI 651
Banded homing pigeon found; please contact asap

2014-07-22CU-2008- -3432 Port Hope Prov Of Ontario ,OK 648


2014-07-22-2010-4250-FTS SwantonOH 649
This beautiful black pigeon with rainbow purple neck has been hanging around our patio for two days. We watered and fed it cracked corn. Concerned the cats will get it. Super friendly, ate out of my sons hand.

2014-07-21- - - OshkoshWI 647
We had a beautiful pigeon visit us this evening. It had a yellow band on it's left leg. The tag said AU 2014...couldn't make out other numbers. It rested for a bit on our swing set. I did get a picture&he did fly away): just wanted to let you know&would be happy to share pic if anybody was missing their bird.

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