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2014-08-17- - - ConverseTX 686
I have a homing pigeon that started hanging with me about 3 months ago. He is mostly brown with white tip feathers and he has a blue band on it leg. I feed and water him everyday but I feel he belongs to someone and that he is lost. He wont let me handle him yet but I'm getting closer everyday. Just wanted to put this out there in case someone has lost a pigeon in the Converse, TX area. Thanks

2014-08-16AU-2014-MRP-037 PortageWI 683
I found this bird at our house a little over a week ago. Could you please contact me with what we should do.

2014-08-16AU-2014-AA-22603 BrandonMS 684


2014-08-16-2012-A-284 DeltonaFL 685
Found homing pigeon, pls contact through email

2014-08-15NPA-2009-AJC-986 GowandaNY 680
I found bird Friday August 8.have tried everything to find who it belongs to. May possibly belong to someone named Jamie who lives in the 585 phone exchange area. Just want to return bird. Anyone who can help, please contact me at this email address.

2014-08-15NPA-2009-AJC-986 GowandaNY 681
Found this pigeon last Friday. He is still at my house. I have contacted NPA and the AJC. However, they cannot find records that far back. At deadend at this point.I was told this bird may belong to someone named Jamie who lives in the 585 area code,but the phone number given me is no longer current. I would like to see bird returned to his owner. Please contact me if you can help. I know nothing about birds and am not set up to care for them.

2014-08-15NPA-2012-AB-3196 EuniceNM 682


2014-08-14- - - DimondaleMI 678
Found a pigeon with orange bands, one is blank and one says, "2014" and "274." What to do?

2014-08-14NPA- - - NormalIL 679
My 90 year old grandma found a dead pigeon with a band. The letters/ numbers on the band were "bf 4776" "npa" "8" "11". The bird. Was found on 8/12/14 near Avon, Il. She was wanting to report it to someone, but didn't. Know who or how. Any information you can give would be appreciated. Thank you

2014-08-11AU-2014-FTU-6637 Seal RockOR 677
We found this pigeon in our back yard. We are trying to find his owner

2014-08-10AU-2014-CBR-9277 BellflowerCA 675


2014-08-10- - -986 GowandaNY 676
White with black band, some pink.Been on our windowsill since Friday evening.

2014-08-09IF-2014-BMM-487 ColchesterCT 674
Also a yellow band on other leg with #3. Showed up to our house yesterday and ha nging around. Wound on head. We put him in a crate

2014-08-08-2014- -3708 RoslynNY 673
The band is yellow but there are no other letters or numbers than the year and 3708. I have the bird in my possession.

2014-08-05-2010-CRC-64 2881 State Hwy 17, ViolaIL 672
Black with white tail. Arrived Sunday Aug 3rd. Is eating and drinking. Seems to be very tame.

2014-08-04CU-2014-CRPU-5960 SimcoeON 671


2014-08-03AU-2014-FOYS-20858 North EastPA 670
This pigeon was not trying to fly away; but walk/run away. It's wings were a bit mussed; possibly injured.

2014-08-02AU-2014-HOOSIER-26 KinmundyIL 669
Just a note to let you know one of your birds is at our house today. It seems to be in fine condition. It was drinking at a water bowl behind the house. It also ate leftover grain around the chicken house. It is resting on the shed roof in the shade now.

2014-08-01AU-2014-BMR-310 PotomacMD 668
I found this pigeon in my garage and I would like to find its owner. Please help!!

2014-07-31IF-2011-FOYS-1897 CatalinaAZ 666
This bird was in my yard with injured wing.

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