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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2014-04-11- - -056 PortageWI 581
I have been unable to read the entire band but this bird has a green band on it's left leg and I have read 056. It's right leg has a smaller red band with no numbers that I can see.

2014-04-10- - - LynnIN 580
We have a pigeon in our warehouse that has an orange band on his leg. We have not been able to catch him yet to get any information from the band. I do have a picture if it would help. He's been inside here for almost 3 days. We don't want to see him die. If there is anyone else I can send info or the picture to let me know. Thanks!

2014-04-06IF-2012-FOYS-12552 ThomsonGA 579
Bird was found dead in my yard.

2014-03-29-2014-PRIVATE OWNER-1-25 Las VegasNV 578
i own white doves am interested for private identification of my birds. i own only 15 would like to know how much it would be to purchase them.

2014-03-24NPA-2008-NYC-1380 KissimmeeFL 577
Yellow tag reads NPA NYC 1380 8 and the number 11 sideways.

2014-03-22IPB-2013-B-7107 BoydenIA 576
Found dead on our lawn.

2014-02-26- - -3345 RochesterNH 575
There has been a pigeon sitting outside our home since yesterday. Today we noticed that it has a green band on it's leg with the numbers that appear to be 3345. There are no letters. The pigeon appears to be ill.

2014-02-21AU-2010-CENTENNIAL-246 KelsoWA 574
Found, unable to fly due to loss of tail feathers.

2014-02-19AU-2007- -21 CavecreekAZ 573
The bird made its self at home with our chicken in our garage

2014-02-09AU-1994-PRC-0025 Fort PeckMT 572
pigeon was found in south Dakota in 2001

2014-02-04- - - CoopersburgPA 570
Last night we found a white homing pigeon on our hose shelf next to the house. His left eye is pink, the other black. He has a pink band on his leg. We are feeding him as he is very hungry and somewhat tame. He follows us for food but seems lost. Call us at 610 282-2313 or email us at Landersn7@gmail.com

2014-02-04- - - Staten IslandNY 571
there is a pigeon that's been hanging around her for about 2 months. its very friendly. it has bands on its ankles, not metal, they look plastic. one is yellow and the other one is pink. i cant tell if there is any print on the bands. what do those color bands mean? Thanks

2014-01-23AU-2011-NEPLS- BedfordOH 569


2014-01-22IF-2005-SCM-2529 FruitportMI 568
Bird brought to us 1/22/2014

2013-12-12AU-2013-GHC-8256 OcalaFL 567
This bird was found on my patio. It has not made any attempt to fly away and it does not appear to be wounded.

2013-12-11AU-2013-AA-9524 La PlaceLA 566
Brown pigion with white tips on wings. Had injuries to shoulders that were consistent with those made by a raptor, such as a hawk. Walked into our garage on Thursday, December 5. We took it in and gave it food and water. Seemed like it was doing quite well. It passed away on Sunday, December 8.

2013-12-07AU-2012-FOYS-12300 East GreenvillePA 565
dark blue check hen. I was contacted that a lost bird was at a auto repair garage. it was in there business garage. I have the bird, under weight. She is eating and drinking well. I treated her with tricoli. I have her on probio/viti.

2013-11-30AU-2001- -2164 Klamath FallsOR 564
found this bird. trying to locate owner.

2013-11-29- -61- GrapeviewWA 563
We found a white pigeon with a green band on left leg. No writing and a white band on right leg with number 61 on it. Can u help us find owner. Thank u

2013-11-18IPB-2012-B-10879 JenemaMI 562
10879 IPB B 2012. Found in Marquette MI

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