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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2014-08-28IF-2014-BB-676 SkippackPA 706

2014-08-28CU- -1174- Maple HtsOH 707
I came across a pigeon today while picking up trash in the park n lot and noticed it was tangled by its feet by it looked to be hair or weave. It kept falling every time it tried to walk and I noticed the letters cu1174 on its leg I was to worried about getting it free from the tangle to get the other letters and numbers... I was able to grab most of it off the birds leg so it could walk normal and it still had a bit still on its left claw. It finally took a nap and I haven't seen it since but I hope it found its way back. It lost a couple feathers in the front chest area from falling on the concrete. Please email me if you find out who the owner is and if it come back.

2014-08-27AU-2014-PLY-579 SuffieldCT 704
The bird in on my deck, and keeps trying to come in.

2014-08-27IF-2014-BUFFALO-242 HuronOH 705


2014-08-26- - - Morris PlainsNJ 703
A pigeon with a red band on right leg has been hanging around my pool/deck. I can't get close enough to read band, but I photographed the bird. What should I do? Is it a homing pigeon, racing? Otherwise banded? I don't exactly know what to feed it. Set out water in shallow dish and some pumpkin seeds. Advise if you can. I can send a photo if you want.

2014-08-25AU-2014-VITA-3946 ToledoIL 702
showed up at my residence, and joined my pigeons

2014-08-24-2008- -548 EdenNY 701
Arcee's loft. Bellesville NJ. Rc. Green band. Blue band reads fts 2008. 548

2014-08-23IF-2014-EMC-1552 RomanNY 700


2014-08-21IF-2014-MRC-2293 MonroeNJ 697
we found this homer, white, on our loft 3 days ago. and we would like to return it to its owner. he's being fed and watered and he looks healthy. thank you, louis and charmagne guida

2014-08-21IF-2014-NWJ-606 MetuchenNJ 698
This bird was found on Aug 20th 2014 in Flemington NJ. It walked into my friends house. She didn't know what to do with it, so I took the bird home with me (which is why it is now in Metuchen) seems to be in good health, but very skinny. The breastbone is sticking out. I know from past pigeons I have found it just needs to plump up. it is eating, drinking and pooping. Hoping to find it's owner

2014-08-21AU-2014-NAPLES-712 Bonita SpringsFL 699
Bird has been sitting in my yard for the last 2 hours. Ducks picking on him and we have 3 dogs plus all the neighborhood dogs. Put birdcage to protect,gave food and water.

2014-08-20AU-2013- -1538 HowellMI 695
We found a gorgeous white lost dove, information above, with a green band that was seen here for the first time on Saturday, August 18th at approximately 10 am.

2014-08-20AU-2014- -1206 ValleyAL 696
found in my backyard tonight august 20

2014-08-19AU-2009- -1763 San AntonioTX 996
Bird looks healthy- hanging out in front of hotel drury plaza - I don't see any other numbers

2014-08-19AU-2014-1369- BillericaMA 694
Pigeon is timid but likes standing on both of our black jeeps.

2014-08-18AU-2014-USMC-1461 North DartmouthMA 687
We are located at UMass Dartmouth. The bird is almost all white. It is no flying and allows contact. It might be hurt. The bird is located next to admissions.

2014-08-18AU-2014-RR110- Rhinelander - HarshawWI 688
Grey white looking for my home located near rhinelander wi

2014-08-18AU-2014-RR110- Rhinelander - HarshawWI 689


2014-08-18IF-2014-FOYS-1153 LevittownPA 690
I am sorry to report that this bird was found dead in Levittown PA 19054

2014-08-18IF-2014-S-259 SouthingtonCT 691
This bird has been walking around in my barn for several days. It's not injured.It was easily caught.

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