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2014-09-21IF-2014-FOYS-5747 SlidellLA 738
I found a pigeon today, 9/21/2014, at the intersection of HWY 190 and I-10 in Slidell, LA. Unfortunately the bird was hit by a car and died. I tried to help it but there was nothing I could do because it was too badly injured. I thought the owner mite like to know the fate of the bird. I recovered the band and my daughter buried the bird. I will be happy to return the band if the owner would like it.

2014-09-21IF-2014-NHF-1106 HonesdalePA 739
The pigeon flew in our garage late evening 9/21/2014 and landed on toolbox lid. It seemed exhausted. It doesn't appear to be hurt. Would like to find it's home.

2014-09-20AU-2014-ARPU-8369 NottinghamMD 735
there were two other bands. a dark yellow one that reads KING LOU RACE 2014 IF 745 and a brown one that reads BENZING PRO ONE. the bird was deceased due to predation. a hawk.

2014-09-20AU-2014-ARPU-83699 NottinghamMD 736
I just sent this but put the wrong number. here is the info on the other bands too again. the dark yellow band reads KING LOU RACE 2014 IF 745. and the brown band reads BENZING PRO 1. like I wrote before, the poor bird was deceased due to predation by a hawk.

2014-09-19NPA-2012-NYC-4995 RutherfordNJ 733
I have reached out everywhere to find the owner of this bird and contacted those i was told too with no answers..someone owned this bird for many years and it really pisses me off that they cant contact me, if they dont want it back i would hope they would at least let me know.. thanks again.. Nancy Thompson Animal Control Officer Animal cruelty Investigator

2014-09-19IF-2014-SCHOLAR-78160 MonroeCT 734
Bird seems not to fly. Otherwise she looks well cared for. I am concerned about predators. She is hanging around BML Tool & Mfg. at 67 Enterprise Drive, Monroe, CT 06468

2014-09-17- - -4943 EaglevillePA 732
orange band #4943. Leaves during daytime, but comes back to our back patio for past 4 days now in afternoon / evening to roost.

2014-09-16-2014- -2108 OdessaMO 728
I have a very fat pigeon at my house the last few days; very tame, with 3 leg bands, 1 Wide yellow bnd with black numbers ____2014 # 2108 Then a wide dark green band on the other leg with a narrow purple band on that same leg. I am trying to catch it...maybe today. :-) ANY idea where I should start looking for its' owner ? I am feeding it so it should stay around, I hope; long enough for me to lay hands on it, to read he other numbers on the other bands.

2014-09-16-2014- -192 Fairfax StationVA 729
There is a blue band on one leg with NICKNAM IRAN 2014 #192 on it. And a pink plain band on the other leg.

2014-09-16AU-2014-WRC-1123 RantoulIL 730
This band is on his right foot. There is also a dark green one on his left, but I didn't see anything on it.

2014-09-16NPA-2014-9CC-1299 CiboloTX 731
09-15-14 Domestic white pigeon flew into my yard very thirsty and hungry and I want to return to owner.Let me know. Thanks, Ralph I'm not sure if band no. goes in above spaces as I entered

2014-09-15NPA-2013-BA-3757 AvellaPA 727
I can be contacted at anytime. I can receive emails but can't currently send them. If you need a response, please leave a telephone number or just call. Looking forward to seeing this lovely bird find it's owner.

2014-09-12-2013-CW&HH LOFT-56 MillbrookNY 725

2014-09-12NPA-2014-CD-1604 BurienWA 726
There appears to be a 9 between the 14 and the CD - maybe that is the band size. Can you locate the owner of this beautiful white pigeon? He was found on my beach today, unable to fly. He is in a large cooler with pigeon food and water and can away if he is able.

2014-09-11- - -23 ColumbusOH 724
The bird is white with brown/gray speckles and flew onto the osu main campus at around 8 this morning. He's by the 18th avenue library, but I can't get a good look at his band. It's orange and I think says 24.

2014-09-10AU-2014-GNEU-2634 Mount PerryOH 723
I mow a local cemetery and I found this pigeon just walking around and it wouldn't fly. I brought it home and searched the internet and came across this site. I entered the ID information. I also called the phone number you shown for the club and never received a return call yet! What should I do for the care of the bird? I hope I did the right thing by giving it some water and a small ear of corn.....The bird can not fly!

2014-09-09-2014- -349 OxfordPA 722
Pigeon has been on my deck for over 24 hrs. Not sure what to do, and that is all the info I could read off the band.

2014-09-07NPA-2011-SHU-911 MiddletownDE 721


2014-09-06IF- - -2203 Fair BluffNC 719
Pigeon with this no. Appeared in my yard. Pigeon had been shot and later died. Tag was on both legs-- red on one leg and pink on the other. It is dove season in my area.

2014-09-06AU-2005- -731 LeavenworthKS 720
This was all that was on the tag. It is green in color, and the bird also has a purple tag on the other leg with the number 15 on it. It has a injured wing, because it wont try to fly. Would like to find it's owner and to return it.

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