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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-05-21AU-2014-NERPC-4159 BallwinMO 885
He or she is visiting my neighbors house right now. Don't know how long he will be there

2015-05-21AU-2014-NERPC-4159 BallwinMO 886
bird is fed and watered.

2015-05-20AU-2013-JEDDS-31606 WyomingMN 883
we found him on our deck acting disoriented. Put him in a bird cage with water and uncooked wild rice.

2015-05-20IF-2014-LM-211 Mount JacksonVA 884
This pigeon flew down on a friends porch weak and hungry.I'm tryn to find owner.

2015-05-18- - -608 GreenvilleOH 882


2015-05-16-2013- - IrontonOH 880
The ID tag reads as follows: Buckeye Lofts John Bender 1355 3807 2013

2015-05-16NPA-2013-BN-2923 BremertonWA 881
I wanted to let someone know that I found this bird. Unfortunately it was dead. Looked like it may have flown into a window. So sorry. It looked like it was beautiful.

2015-05-15- - - Saxtons RiverVT 877
The number is listed is my cell. We are in VT at our vacation home and don't get great cell reception. Our home number is 802-869-1138This is a vacation home. The phone number here is

2015-05-15- - - Saxtons RiverVT 878
We are in VT at our vacation home and don't get great cell reception.

2015-05-15AU-2010- -302 Denham SpringsLA 879
club is unreadable

2015-05-13NPA-2009-AK-3576 LexingtonNC 875
My uncle is the one who has found this bird so I am not sure of the exact numbers on the band. The way he discribed it to me, a white band reads: AK3576 then something that looks like a sideways 7 NPA. Can someone please call or text me so we can find this bird's owner? Thank you, Christy

2015-05-13- - -14260 Windsor LocksCT 876
Found: This pigeon has been around the house for three days now. I am able to get somewhat close and could se the number on the band as 14260. If there is a club name it must be on the back side. Band is yellowish. Other leg has a pink/redish band with no numbers. Bird is grey/blue, purple on neck.

2015-05-12- - - Fort MyersFL 874
RF EA PM 5218 We can't clearly make out the 3rd digit. This bird was in our parking lot last night. We left her alone thinking she would fly off. She's still there today, walking in circles. Maybe she hit a window? I've brought her inside, gave her water and wild bird seed. She's in a quiet comfortable box, but I would like to find her owner. Thank you, Lori

2015-05-11- - - PortlandMI 872

2015-05-11AU-2013- -7927 WaterfordWI 873
Last Thursday we found a pigeon in our yard and it hasn't left. It has taken to sleeping in our garage at night. We see that it is tagged and this is the only information we can get out of the numbers. Just would like to get it back to its owners.

2015-05-10NPA-2015-CC-227 KingwoodTX 871
Hello, I have come across some English Carrier Pigeons here in Houston, and have purchased all that I can find. The bands are as follows:

2015-05-09IPB-2012-B-15594 LincolnNE 870
Found a pigion #15594 IPB-B 2012

2015-05-08AU-2008-MEGA-0424 Ninety SixSC 869
bird lit in backyard. seemed sick. wouldn't take any water. died two days later. burried....

2015-05-06-2014- -16283 SpringfieldOR 868
IPB R 16283

2015-05-05AU-2014-DEN-989 GunterTX 867
We found this bird limping around our yard. What shall we do with it?

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