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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-06-10IF-2014-WVC-635 EriePA 909
Visits my birdfeeder daily for the past several weeks. He eats from my hand. I don't know if he is lost or lives in the neighborhood. Worried because several neighbors let their cats run loose. Perches on the roof of the school across the street.

2015-06-09IF-2014-FVC-417 SalemNJ 906
Pigeon arrived at farm in Salem, NJ on 4/29/15. Have been taking care of it Since then. 1 green band and 1 brown band. Am very familiar with pigeon raising. Would like to find owner of this pigeon.

2015-06-08NPA-2013-GBH-22 BadgerIA 903
Pigeon has been hanging around our house for a couple days now. It is not injured. We caught it to get the tag information and currently have it in a large pet carrier and wonder what to do next? We have given it bread, bird seed, and water and it did seem very hungry.

2015-06-08AU-2012- -844 OwatonnaMN 904
white band on L leg, Blue band on R leg, Club 1 OR L ? has been showing up in evening on our deck, Have given him water

2015-06-08-2014-CSR-1132 MillikenCO 905
Beautiful red(burgundy) and white pigeon lost at our home. We think the letters read 1132 Csr 2014. Would love to find his/her home!

2015-06-07AU-2014-SRV-466 ShafterCA 902
Hi, Grandsons found in chicken coop. I told them to set on ground, it walked unsteady then flew onto barn. we found it with chickens this morning.6/7/15

2015-06-06NPA-2014-AF-1412 New BaltimoreMI 900
Hi, I'm looking to find the owner of this pigeon. He or She has taken home at my residence. I feed it and give it fresh water daily. He or She roosts on my bathroom window where the garage and house meet. I don't think He or She will let me handle it but it recognizes me and is becoming more social. It is a very pretty bird and was exhausted when he arrived in my yard. It is flying but returns back here. I sure would like to find the owner because I'm sure they miss their bird. Thank you. I was also able to read the band size 7. From my research it may be a roller pigeon. Not sure it doesn't fly very high or maybe it is just young. I would like to keep it out of the elements but it won't allow me to handle it just yet.

2015-06-06IF-2014- -634 Glen RockPA 901
Also has letters CCC orange band and a green band are on pigeon.

2015-06-05NBRC-2014-D-0899 CarmichaelCA 899
I am the property Security Officer. A pigeon flew to me, let me handle it and check it's tag number, and follows me around the property.

2015-06-01- - -27 AugustaGA 898
The white pigeon has a green tag 0n right leg with #27 and a purple tag on left leg with nothing written on tag.

2015-05-31NPA-2009-BE-1235 Hilton Head IslandSC 897
This pigeon showed up in my garden this morning. He was walking around, but seemed to be disoriented. He flew a few feet when I attempted to pick him up. I have him contained and have provided water.

2015-05-30IF-2015-FOYS-363 MonticelloGA 896
We found this bird at a restaurant in covington georgia. It doesn't appear to be able to fly and looks as if it has been shot under its left wing with a small gun such as a bb gun. We brought it to our home and have placed it in a 24x36 wire dog cage. Please help us find its owner. Its a beautiful bird.

2015-05-28- - - MidlandMI 895
found near my home.may be injured. yellow band possibly red yellow and pink bands also one yellow color has 5806 with may look like dor something.cant see stenciled on red band wihout handling it

2015-05-27AU-2014-JEDDS-23623 SebringFL 893
This pigeon walked up to a group of people on break at my workplace. He did not fly, nor attempt to fly away so they picked him up and brought him to me.

2015-05-27IF- -NPR-807 ClemsonSC 894
FYI: On Bands - 807 IFNPR BRC Appeared about 2:30P-WED, May 27th. Feeding small bird seed and bottled 'spring' water. Pigeon went into large 'Love' cage - on deck table - pigeon is standing. 9:55P EST

2015-05-25IF-2012-CSRA-114 LexingtonSC 891
found outside in yard...seems to have injured left leg, otherwise healthy.

2015-05-25-2015- - BoyertownPA 892
pigeon has been hanging at our home all weekend. Band on its leg states 2015. It was perched on our porch this evening at our front door. Please contact me so we can have someone save it.

2015-05-24IF-2013-MVRC-160 BarnesvillePA 889


2015-05-24IF-2003-CCC-1740 WestminsterMD 890
Found band in corn field on Franklinville Rd.

2015-05-23IF-2014-FJT-1421 Mount CarmelPA 888
my son found this pigeon on the road hurt, there is blood coming from one eye, it is breathing and we have it in a box with a small blanket, can someone please contact me so we can find its owner and get it some medical attention

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