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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2014-10-05IHV-1994-S-022595 Dublin10 754
5/10/14 landed in loft today. I keep white logans myself. From Ballyfermot Dublin Ireland band is 022595. IHV 94 s is followed by band

2014-10-05- - -1025 KentwoodMI 755


2014-10-05AU-2014-CBR-9359 Marina Del ReyCA 756
We just found this bird floating next to our boat at the Marina. It is alive but not moving much. Seems to have problem breathing.

2014-10-03NPA-2009-RF-273 Los AngelesCA 753
Npa,7,08,273, RF are what's on the leg band

2014-10-02- - - VestalNY 752
We have an all white pigeon living here for at least a week now with a green band on its leg. It is very tame but can not pick it up. It feeds at my home with other wild pigeons but flies in opposite direction as the rest at the sign of danger. I am afraid the hawk will pick this bird off as it is white and very visible. Please call if you lost a bird near this location.

2014-10-01AU-2014-NA-318 CentreAL 750
It landed on my roof and let me hold it. I'm not sure I approve of homing pigeon racing.

2014-10-01AU-2014-FOYS-12413 IndplsIN 751
Silver with countermark

2014-09-29AU-2014-HEDGE-1410 WaterburyNE 747
My neighbor found the bird in his yard at his farm. He called me and we were able to hold the bird to get the numbers off the band. He has given it grain and water. He has it in a little cat carrier. I am sending his name and phone number, but it is my e-mail as he doesn't have a computer. He would appreciate help with what to do. It also has a green band with UC3 C90313 Thank you

2014-09-29IF-2014-BID-319 NottinghamNH 748
This little thing showed up in my yard this morning, I have it resting in an animal carrier with water and canary food..what should I do now?

2014-09-29IF-2014-WVC-782 ElktonMD 749


2014-09-28-2009-KV-9139 PortageMI 746
Sighted and roosting on roof: yellow plastic banded pigeon sighted in Vicksburg, Mi on 9/28/14. Light-colored tanish-white w/reddish head/neck, white bill with white hornish upper curved beak w/pinkish-red feet. Band difficult to read but appears to be 8/2009, KV 9913 0R KV 9139. Looks to be in good health but very hungry. Feeding on corn. Can anyone help the owner locate this bird? What can I do to help bird on its way? Thank you!

2014-09-27-2013- -897 TuolumneCA 745

2014-09-26- - - SpringerME 744
I can't see the letters it's flew up in the tree!

2014-09-25AU-2013-GHC-113 MimsFL 743
Poor thing interrupted my morning coffee and I saved it from my cat. It is quite healthy but refuses to fly more than two feet so I crated it and began the search to fing it's owner.

2014-09-24AU-2013- -365455 BoswellPA 742
Hi we have a pigeon at my inlaws it has a red and blue tag on one leg and the other has a clearish tag that says 365455 Au2013 he won't leave their house so they have it in a cage so nothing will get to it and it is in good health for some reason it was sitting on the road but it is able to fly it just wont leave the area of there home my phone is 814-629-1759 please get back to me so we can find his home.Thank You

2014-09-23AU-2014-SHU-1775 ReinbeckIA 740
SHU 1775 (2014 written small under SHU)

2014-09-23AU-2014-GA3361- ElbertonGA 741
I contacted the club secretary and left several messages, but he has not responded. What do I do with this bird???? It won't leave my carport.

2014-09-21AU-2009-ARPU-8016 PowayCA 737
I actually found this bird in my back yard several years ago. There was another bird with a green band that had no numbers on it. Both birds had been killed by possibly a cat or a raccoon that had been coming around our house at that time. I tried at that time to find info on the birds but had no luck or at least no one contacted me. Hope I have better luck this time.

2014-09-21IF-2014-FOYS-5747 SlidellLA 738
I found a pigeon today, 9/21/2014, at the intersection of HWY 190 and I-10 in Slidell, LA. Unfortunately the bird was hit by a car and died. I tried to help it but there was nothing I could do because it was too badly injured. I thought the owner mite like to know the fate of the bird. I recovered the band and my daughter buried the bird. I will be happy to return the band if the owner would like it.

2014-09-21IF-2014-NHF-1106 HonesdalePA 739
The pigeon flew in our garage late evening 9/21/2014 and landed on toolbox lid. It seemed exhausted. It doesn't appear to be hurt. Would like to find it's home.

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