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Lost Pigeons Reported
Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-08-10IF-2011-LRM-1629 CumberlandMD 987
The pigeon has been at our location for over a week. We are concerned for its safety.

2015-08-09-2013-C.P.B.T.-095 Royal Palm BeachFL 985
Found in Royal Palm Beach. Does not seem to be hurt but cannot fly. Caged for safety.USA is also on the band

2015-08-09AU- - - SandyOR 986
Bird was needing a rest in yard seems confused gave water and food . I did not catch left alone. photo shows band number AU2015 GCS2154. have photo if needed.

2015-08-08-2015- -15014 WashingtonNJ 984
HPL is the letters

2015-08-07- -FFR- DunnsvilleVA 983


2015-08-06NPA-2015-PMC-1705 TucsonAZ 982
Bird has been with me since 0730 (now 1830 MST) Looks to be in good health but unwilling/unable to take flight. Would like some direction as to what to do with bird

2015-08-05-2015-SCHOLAR-88122 HighlandsNJ 981
A two banded pigeon (one pink, one white) has been on my deck for about 48 hours. The most information I could get from the band is: 2015 SCHOLAR 88122 I left some bird seed and water which he/she's been eating and drinking. Please advise. Thanks!

2015-08-04AU-2015-SCN-15541 KearneyNE 979
I found her under our rhubarb plant....she is in a cage with food and water

2015-08-04AU-2015-WRP-0308 LadysmithWI 980
Come and get your beautiful bird

2015-08-03-2015-SPIN-25 Kansas CityMO 977
The pigeon is a brownish-red and white, very pretty. The band says "SPIN 15 25"

2015-08-03IF-2015-NKC-362 Dale CityVA 978
Found in the memorial garden at Epiphany Lutheran Church.

2015-08-01AU-2015- -15490 Midwest CityOK 975
found sitting on my patio, been here for at least a week

2015-08-01AU-2015-FOYS-51 MinnetonkaMN 976
Found Saturday, August 1, at about 2pm in front of our garage. Eating bird food we provided and water. Now sitting on an overhang above our fist floor.

2015-07-31IF-2015-NPR-1197 BerryvilleVA 974
This pigeon appeared in our yard today while we were working. We have him in a suitable cage and have given him plenty of water and food. We had to cage him because vwe are in an area w/ a lot of foxes and such. Please call if you are the owner.

2015-07-30NPA-2013-BA-2493 SmithsBA 972
Found bird in our yard. still alive, would like to return to owner.

2015-07-30AU-2015-AUB-980 Grass ValleyCA 973
Lovely pigeon! Been hanging around since Wednesday morning. Was afraid the hawks would get him/her. Is fine here - is now caged with feed & water.

2015-07-28IF-2014-TORR-15774 KingstonNY 971


2015-07-26IF-2014-E- Johnson CityTN 968
found in sulfur springs near Jonesborough TN.

2015-07-26AU-2015-OAKLAWN-959 PalatineIL 969
found in our yard.

2015-07-26IF-2001-TRI-5670 Palm BayFL 970
My friend found this bird and is trying to find owner.

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