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Lost Pigeons Reported
Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-07-02IF-2015-IRPC-51035 Short GapWV 936


2015-07-01AU-2013-WRC-5137 WaverlyIA 932


2015-06-29AU-2013-CHICAGO-2897 KirksvilleMO 931
This pigeon showed up at our house in early June. We tried to catch it as we could tell it was tagged with bands. Unfortunately, I found it this morning deceased. I would like to know about this bird. We enjoyed watching it with the other birds. It was grouped with some other wild pigeons and seemed very content.

2015-06-27IF-2011-JKM-3836 White PineTN 930

2015-06-26AU-2014- - DentonKS 929
This morning a Pigeon was on our shed after a storm. 6:30 am Yellow band I have pictures of the bird. The band is on the right leg with letters upside down. This is a all white pigeon.

2015-06-24AU-2015-ARPU-13386 FremontNE 928
This bird was picked up injured in Fremont Ne. 6/24/2015. Please contact us with owner information.

2015-06-23IF-2015-WC-198 LititzPA 927
We found a white pigeon that is not able to fly. It has a green band on it's leg.

2015-06-22AU-2013-AA-42198 SanfordME 924


2015-06-22IF-2014-SRI-143 VoluntownCT 925
Flew into our garage on 6 22 2015

2015-06-22AU-2015-WESCON-1407 WindsorNY 926
Found pigeon on our lawn. June 22, 2015

2015-06-21IF-2011-FOYS-11613 NissenNY 923
Band number is 11613. 2011 Foys IF He's been here almost a week.

2015-06-19- - - BoiseID 921
I couldn't read the whole thing. He flew into my car, and then out, but he kept flying in circles and wouldn't leave my office parking lot.

2015-06-19AU-2015-LKC-9401 Castle RockWA 922
This pigeon showed up at our house on Wednesday 6/17/15.

2015-06-18-2007- - RestonVA 920
Couldn't see the numbers but it had "2007" near 1856 Old Reston Ave in Reston VA

2015-06-17AU-2014-NB-585 Port AlleganyPA 919
Update - Pigeon has yellow band on right leg with AU 2014 NB 585 and a blue band on the left leg with no printing. A local "bird lady" just stopped and caught the bird so we could get these numbers. She said the bird is underweight because the breast bone is very prominent when turned over. Would like to reunite bird with its owner as soon as possible as we are not equipped to house/handle it. Thank you for your help.

2015-06-16-2009-NDPC-357 BellevilleMI 918
Either napc 357 2009 or ndpc 357 2009 the band is yellow. Obviously lost, is at our place of work. Trying to get him back home. Having a hard time trying to track this, would appreciate any information. Thank you.

2015-06-15-2010-NWK-0690 ClaysburgPA 916
we found a hurt pigeon. it looks like it has been shot and I don't know what to do with it. its wing and chest is bloody. I don't even know if he will make it but we have him in a box with some water and food.

2015-06-15- - - StratfordCT 917
There's a pigeon on my property for the past 2 days. I can't get close enough to read any information. It appears to have a band on its right foot.

2015-06-14-2013-XXX-4294 ClintonUT 911
We found an injured pigeon. The band says XXX 13 4294. Any help is greatly appreciated

2015-06-14- - - StratfordCT 912
There's a pigeon on my property for the past 2 days. I can't get close enough to read any information. It appears to have a band on its right foot.

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