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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-07-30NPA-2013-BA-2493 SmithsBA 972
Found bird in our yard. still alive, would like to return to owner.

2015-07-30AU-2015-AUB-980 Grass ValleyCA 973
Lovely pigeon! Been hanging around since Wednesday morning. Was afraid the hawks would get him/her. Is fine here - is now caged with feed & water.

2015-07-28IF-2014-TORR-15774 KingstonNY 971


2015-07-26IF-2014-E- Johnson CityTN 968
found in sulfur springs near Jonesborough TN.

2015-07-26AU-2015-OAKLAWN-959 PalatineIL 969
found in our yard.

2015-07-26IF-2001-TRI-5670 Palm BayFL 970
My friend found this bird and is trying to find owner.

2015-07-23AU-2013-EVERETT-7619 BellevueWA 965

2015-07-23IF-2014-E-06122 Johnson CityTN 966


2015-07-23AU-2014-MM8448-Au SaarioCA 967
Found bird at my house

2015-07-21- - - North KingstownRI 964
I can't get close enough to read the letters on the band, but its blue. The bird looks like a very well groomed bird, gray breast with white and light brown marking on the back. I work at a company by the bay so we get a lot of birds but almost never pigeons so this one stood out. It has been staying very close to the building except when it's hungry it goes to the bird feeders we have out.

2015-07-20AU-2015-BCRPC-19 SwanseaMA 962
White pigeon found in my riding arena.

2015-07-20AU-2011- -20567 PowayCA 963
There has been a white pigeon hanging out at my job location in Scripps Poway, for the last couple weeks. I could only make out the Org/Year/Number- I might be unsure on the number. We attempted to catch it, but doesnt want anything to do with being caught. We left a water dish and sunflower seeds

2015-07-19AU-2015- -645 Le ClaireIA 960
645 is what we could read from our photos. It's been coming to our bird feeder and eating for the last 4 days.

2015-07-19NPA-2015-8BL-781 BradfordRI 961


2015-07-17AU-2015-GSC-819 BelfairWA 958
Trying to locate owner.of au2015gsc819 have info. Onlost bird.

2015-07-17AU-2015- -1166 ElginIL 959
Wondering around the parking lot of biggers Mazda on east Chicago st. Was not able to get him but he seems to be staying close

2015-07-16-2012- -3407 WarwickRI 956
this bird has two blue bands....light blue has no writing ......dark blue has...AL 3407 and what looks like a date apr 7 12

2015-07-16- - - SpringfieldIL 957
To whom it may concern: My wife has spotted a pigeon with a blue colored leg band on its left leg. We are staying at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield , Illinois. The bird is gray in color for the most part. The neck is multi-colored with reddish purple and green mixed into it. On its bill , there is like two whitish spots that are connected . We spotted the bird yesterday , and this evening we saw it perched again on the roof. I'm not sure who we needed to contact. So if this isn't the correct place for reporting, I apologize. I can't get close enough to be able to read the band that is attached. Hopefully this message can help this beauty find its way back home!!

2015-07-15CU-2014-WWW- Hubbard LakeMI 954
This bird is very friendly and has a green band on its left leg and a gold band on its right leg. We have not been able to get any other numbers.

2015-07-15NPA-2009-BA-1451 ChatsworthGA 955
Found a pigeon....tell me sumn bout it

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