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Lost Pigeons Reported
Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-09-02AU-2014-HAR-142 YoungstownOH 1034
This pigeon is at my house it has to be lost Trying to find owner

2015-09-01AU-2015-GBW-1467 WaupunWI 1033
Found in my yard 9-1-15 Seems to have an injured wing.

2015-09-01AU-2014-CHICAGO-4079 XeniaOH 1030
Found a red/white pigeon that appears a little banged up sitting on my deck umbrella..two bands..one is blue plastic, the other is yellow.. Says AU, Chicago 4079

2015-08-31AU-2015-SAR-5018 VeniceFL 1015
This bird is at Crest Cadillac VENICE FL

2015-08-31- - - AuburnWA 1018
Found pigeon with green band very friendly

2015-08-30AU-2015-AA-32690 LamontagneME 1016
looking for owner. Pigeon hurt

2015-08-30AU-2012-ARPU-3559 ConcordNH 1017
We've had a lost pigeon for a week now. Trying to find the owner. I think those are the correct numbers! Number 55993559

2015-08-28-2012-? LOFT- PleasantonCA 1013
A white pigeon has been in my yard for a day now. All I can read on it's yellow band LOFT 2012.

2015-08-28AU-2015-FOYS-40 HilliardFL 1014


2015-08-27AU- -FL ?-118 ShrewsburyVT 1011
yellow band, can't read, dirty, can't catch bird

2015-08-27AU-2015-WESCON-982 PoughkeepsieNY 1012
Hi, I found this homing pigeon. He cannot fly and seems sluggish. Gave him some water and have him penned up for now. What do i do next?

2015-08-26AU-2015-518-HOD HillsboroAL 1009
Saw in yard for two days found dead this morning

2015-08-25AU-2015-ARPU- ParriishFL 1010
Has been in my drive way for a few hours. Appears to be lost, possible hurt right foot. He can walk but when approached he appears to fumble over his right foot.

2015-08-23- - - Praire Du SacWI 1006
Pigeon with a yellow band is hanging around Water st in prairie du sac. I didn't get close enough and didn't want to scare it to get any info off the tag but I have a picture of it and can see what I think is 17 on the tag. It can fly and is on top of the roof now. if you want the picture, call me and I'll send it.

2015-08-23AU-2015-WESCON-357 FactoryvillePA 1007
I have your pigeon she has been hanging around the house for the last week. Can you contact me please.

2015-08-23AU-2015-JEDDS-15511 Pequot LakesMN 1008


2015-08-22AU-2015-TEXAS-610 OdessaTX 1005
Found this bird dead on my property, no wounds if any kind. I do find lots of dead dove but not in a while. We have lots if chickens and other birds and animals so there is always something for all the bird s to eat and they all know when feeding time is. Just thought you would like to know about the bird.

2015-08-21IPB-2014- -19594 OxfordGA 1002
Pigeon found disoriented, no visible injuries - band reads 19594 IPB92014

2015-08-21NPA-2015-CC-793 DaltonNH 1003
band says NPA 15 9 CC 793 This little bird was found in our horse barn 8/19/15,upon which it was watered and fed.It doesnt seem too afraid&eats grass from the lawn as well as grain.I know these birds cant be heavy---but there is nothing to this poor creature.There was a BAD storm to our SW and Im thinking it got off course.I hope someone can relieve my concern.The bird is no way confined.

2015-08-21NPA-2015-BE-576 Des MoinesIA 1004
Found. Him in the 2600 block of 57th st

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