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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-09-13AU-2014-FOYS-2118 Saint Clair ShoresMI 1052
Found pigeon bird. I think it has a hurt wing. I have it in a cage. Feeding it food and water. Hopefully, can find the owner so he can come Get him.

2015-09-12IF-2008-A-12079 AbeleNY 1051
Pigeon walks around in our yard at 12:50 pm on September 12

2015-09-11AU-2015-SOA-148 BremenAL 1050
He/she has been at our home for about 3 days. In good shape flys fine and does not seem hurt. Green band on left leg has 148; red band on right leg has AU2015 SOA148. We love having it here and hope to continue to know how it is doing. Thanks

2015-09-11IF-2015-VPCA-0269 HancockNY 1049


2015-09-09IF- -SSF-330 RocklandMA 1048
SSF 330, It's a white band. There is also a blue band

2015-09-09IF- -MR-32163 HavertownPA 1046
The bird has been in my yard for about a week now. The is plenty of water for the bird as there is a pond on the property and water fountains. I am concerned that the hawks will get it. Does anyone recognize the ID#. The right leg has a blue band and the left leg has a white band with letters and numbers on it. It is hard to see all the figures but what I could get so far is MR32163IF. Can anyone help?

2015-09-09AU-2015-FALL RIVER-453 LakevilleMA 1045
Landed on my deck 9/7. Stayed over 4 hours then flew off. Came home from work today and was back.

2015-09-08-2015-MCF-3 SmithsburgMD 1047
Band 'MCF 2015 3' found in Smithsburg MD

2015-09-07AU-2015-NA-1429 OneontaAL 1041
Found white pigeon in back yard with au2015na1429 on band

2015-09-07- - -44 UtzPA 1043
My parents found a white pigeon with a band on it's leg. They live in Fairfax County, VA. They said the band has the number 44 on it, but didn't mention that there were any letters. I'm sure they would have told me if there were. Can you offer any help? We'd like to get the bird to it's owner before it becomes lunch for the neighborhood fox.

2015-09-07NPA-2013-BM-3039 AuroraCO 1042
NPS 8 13 BM 3039 All white with red feet

2015-09-07-2015- -679 StreetMD 1044
i only held the pigeon for a few only thing i could read was 679 and 2015 i think the pigeon is now on my roof. As soon as as she comes back down i will try to get the the proper id, did give the pigeon water and bird seed :)

2015-09-07NPA-2014-CA-4957 InvernessFL 1040
Is located at the Animal Shelter. Animal ID # 29561930 on www.citruscritters.com

2015-09-06AU- -VIP-5102 HemetCA 1039
>From what I can see of the band it says, VIP 5102. We haven't caught it, but could if we wanted to. Don't want to traumatize it but it is friendly and getting used to us.has been here 2 days and we have fed and watered it. I this healthy and all white with rust colored spots on neck and wingtips.just hoping to reunite it with owner or care for it til it decides to go.

2015-09-06IF-2015-FOYS-10146 Stephens CityVA 1038
very friendly homing pigeon showed up at our house today. Band reads IF FOYS with number 10146. Should we catch it gently and contain it or just leave it alone. It seems to like us and our property. Has been eating sunflower seeds and my newly sowed grass seed.

2015-09-05CU-2015-GUELPH-??824 RichardsonTX 1035
We summer north of Barrie at a KOA near Craighurst and on 3 Sept this bird showed up on our patio and is still here on the 5th. We are providing water and bird seed and hope he/she will go home. Healthy looking beautiful bird.

2015-09-05- - - ThompsonCT 1036
I can not get close enough to read the numbers but the band is yellow on its leg.can any one help me. We have hawks in the area and its been here for a couple of days. Don't know what to do. Thanks

2015-09-04-2015-OLD SKOOL LOFTS-809 MinnetonkaMN 1037
White with some beige stipling. No sign of injury, but seems unable/unwilling to fly.

2015-09-02AU-2014-HAR-142 YoungstownOH 1034
This pigeon is at my house it has to be lost Trying to find owner

2015-09-01AU-2015-GBW-1467 WaupunWI 1033
Found in my yard 9-1-15 Seems to have an injured wing.

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