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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2014-11-24- - -69 Big LakeMN 796
We found a pigeon in our rafters of our garage last night. My husband was able to get him down and he walked around and looked fine. We put him in a box with water and blankets and this morning he had passed away. We are trying to locate the owners but don't know what to do. All it is is a green band with the numbers 69 on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2014-11-23NPA-2014-BD-2446 Wisconsin RapidsWI 794
Bird was located on our property and will not fly away. We only have water to give it. Have owner call asap.

2014-11-23AU-214-BLG-091 LancasterOH 795
Found this bird over a week ago. Thought maybe he would fly home when the weather broke. He's still here. Would love to return to owner.

2014-11-22AU-2012-ARPU-84805 MiamiFL 793

2014-11-20AU- - - Lake Havasu CityAZ 792
This bird has been hanging around all my bird feeders and appears to be feeling better, but loves the hood of my car! Does not like the doves to much, but has allowed me to talk to it. I do have pictures if needed. The right leg is banded yellow and the left leg has a purple band. From my pictures 2 of us have identified on the yellow band, AU 9284. This is a beautiful bird, very beautiful color patterns, has a white cere. I will gladly e-mail pictures if needed. I hope this helps, this bird has been hanging around here for about 1 week, eats seed, bread crumbs and black sunflower seeds and drinks from my 2 watering sources.

2014-11-18AU-2014- -110293 Dana PointCA 791
It has a hurt leg/wing I think, flew into the sliding glass door, I have him confined in a crate where he is resting

2014-11-17IF-2014-FOYS-13108 CumberlandMD 790
bird is physically contained just now and we would like to return it to its owner. has been here since 10/23/2014

2014-11-16AU-2013-MOULTRIE GA-358 Junction CityGA 788
Found in junction city Evening will keep safe in cage for other small birds clean Fed and watered

2014-11-16NBRC- - - East JordanMI 789
Found bird

2014-11-10-2005-IRC-114 GrangevilleID 787
found in grangeville idaho. orange band has 1RC or IRC 2005 and the number 114. The other leg has a pink band with the number 1.

2014-11-09AU-2014-HIGH POINT-0510 RiversideCA 785
We have your bird. Please contact us ASAP!

2014-11-09- - -2088 PortlandOR 786
08 AF 2088--This is what I can read on the band. The bird flew into the window of my house. He has red legs and the animal hospital said it is not native to Oregon, so it would have to be put down if I take him there.

2014-11-08AU-2012-ARPU-23906 San JoseCA 784
Found bird. Dead. Apparently attacked by a Murder of crows.

2014-11-05AU-2014-ARPU-11333 JonestownTX 782
A pigeon landed on my deck last night. The band reads AV AU2014 ARPU 11333.

2014-11-05AU-2014- -14119 Baton RougeLA 783
Your pigeon is at our house.

2014-11-03AU-2013-ILL-6089 WoodriverIL 781


2014-11-02AU- - - PhoenixAZ 780
can't see the rest he flew onto a neighbors truck

2014-11-01NPA- -NC-1800 FranklinNC 778
Big bird,charcoal in color. Been around about a month.

2014-11-01AU- - -1131 Pine ValleyCA 779
This Pigeon has been in are trees for about three days and eating our bird food .If we get to close he will fly but will keep coming back.This is all we can read.

2014-10-29CU-2014-TBAY-152 Amherst JunctionWI 777
I am in Grand Marais, MN on my drive up today I stopped at Cascade Falls and found a racing pigeon.

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