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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2013-10-12AU-2013-UTK-227 BaldwinsvilleNY 542
This beautiful bird has been walking around our neighborhood for 2 days now. Doesn't seem injured but will not fly. I hope we can find it's owner. For now we have it in a little basket with food & water, safe & warm.

2013-10-08- - - IndianapolisIN 541
I work at Eastgate Chrysler at 500 N. Shadeland Ave. Indianapolis, In. There is a pidgeon with a green band on its right leg and a band on the left leg that has been wandering around our lot since 10/4/2013. I can't read the # on its green tag. Anyone missing this beautiful bird please contact me or someone tell me what I should do. Luckily it rained this Week end and In have been putting out some pop corn. HELP!

2013-10-07CU-2013- -18580 BraesideON 538
Bird ID

2013-10-07CU-95-ECRPC-0270 WaterlooNY 539


2013-10-07IF-2013-WTCM-555 DoylestownPA 540
The band says WTCM 2013. IF 555. It stopped by my home yesterday to rest. I gave it water and some cracked corn. After resting for a few hours it flew away again.I think it came here because I have chickens. It wandered out to the coop to see them, and they came up to the fence to see her. Too cute! I'm wondering how much further it needs to go. I'm concerned about her (or him). It was lovely and was not afraid of me. Please contact me to tell me something regarding this beautiful pigeon. Thank you.

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