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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-08-28-2012-? LOFT- PleasantonCA 1013
A white pigeon has been in my yard for a day now. All I can read on it's yellow band LOFT 2012.

2015-08-28AU-2015-FOYS-40 HilliardFL 1014


2015-08-27AU- -FL ?-118 ShrewsburyVT 1011
yellow band, can't read, dirty, can't catch bird

2015-08-27AU-2015-WESCON-982 PoughkeepsieNY 1012
Hi, I found this homing pigeon. He cannot fly and seems sluggish. Gave him some water and have him penned up for now. What do i do next?

2015-08-26AU-2015-518-HOD HillsboroAL 1009
Saw in yard for two days found dead this morning

2015-08-25AU-2015-ARPU- ParriishFL 1010
Has been in my drive way for a few hours. Appears to be lost, possible hurt right foot. He can walk but when approached he appears to fumble over his right foot.

2015-08-23- - - Praire Du SacWI 1006
Pigeon with a yellow band is hanging around Water st in prairie du sac. I didn't get close enough and didn't want to scare it to get any info off the tag but I have a picture of it and can see what I think is 17 on the tag. It can fly and is on top of the roof now. if you want the picture, call me and I'll send it.

2015-08-23AU-2015-WESCON-357 FactoryvillePA 1007
I have your pigeon she has been hanging around the house for the last week. Can you contact me please.

2015-08-23AU-2015-JEDDS-15511 Pequot LakesMN 1008


2015-08-22AU-2015-TEXAS-610 OdessaTX 1005
Found this bird dead on my property, no wounds if any kind. I do find lots of dead dove but not in a while. We have lots if chickens and other birds and animals so there is always something for all the bird s to eat and they all know when feeding time is. Just thought you would like to know about the bird.

2015-08-21IPB-2014- -19594 OxfordGA 1002
Pigeon found disoriented, no visible injuries - band reads 19594 IPB92014

2015-08-21NPA-2015-CC-793 DaltonNH 1003
band says NPA 15 9 CC 793 This little bird was found in our horse barn 8/19/15,upon which it was watered and fed.It doesnt seem too afraid&eats grass from the lawn as well as grain.I know these birds cant be heavy---but there is nothing to this poor creature.There was a BAD storm to our SW and Im thinking it got off course.I hope someone can relieve my concern.The bird is no way confined.

2015-08-21NPA-2015-BE-576 Des MoinesIA 1004
Found. Him in the 2600 block of 57th st

2015-08-20AU-2009-STR-579 StreatorIL 999


2015-08-20AU-2015-MRPC-216 Tinley ParkIL 1000


2015-08-20- -JT-6989 SomersetWI 1001

2015-08-19- - - EatontownNJ 997
We have a banded pigeon in the parking lot of my work place. It has been here a couple of days. We don't know what to do.

2015-08-19AU-2013-PU-59994 LaurelvilleOH 998
this bird stopped by our house for a few days then was gone , we wonder where he was from and where he's going. hope he gets home. we are not sure on the club letters, pu was all we could see without picking him up, we didn't want to scare him .,he was very friendly, he ate and drank and was on his way . would like more info. if possible thanks mike

2015-08-18AU-2014-JEDDS-13716 Newbury ParkCA 993
We found this pigeon in our yard. He/She is very sweet and docile. We've housed it overnight in an old birdcage we have. He/She has been eating birseed and drinking water and seems content to just be in the cage. Can someone contact us to let us know what we can do to get him/her back to its owner? Thanks!

2015-08-18AU-2015-GUYS-278 Round Lake BeachIL 995


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