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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-09-25- - - North Beach ParkMD 1081
This bird has been in my back yard for almost 5 or 6 days. He went away yesterday but came back last night. He stays under a car and eats what we put out there for him. He won't come right up to us but lets you get within 4 feet of him.

2015-09-24AU-2015- -824 St. HedwigTX 1080
Left leg band : Taurus 2000

2015-09-24AU-2015-TXHC-1102 New BraunfelsTX 1079
AU 2015 Tx HC 1102

2015-09-23CU- - -13336 WoodburyCT 1078
We're 2,only one now.

2015-09-23-2015-BMTU-747 WestminsterMD 1077
This info. given above is on a red band. On the other leg is a yellow band with the following: 2012 BMTU 388 This bird has been living on our front porch for over three weeks now. We have caught him (her?) and have him in a bird cage with water and seed. Hoping to fine his owner and return him safe home!

2015-09-22-2015-FOYS-605 DallasGA 1076
We can not read any other information on the tag except for Foys-2015-605. We are located in Dallas, Georgia. The pigeon showed up at our house on Friday 9-18-15 and has been here every night since then. If you are missing a bird within this number, please contact us via email listed.

2015-09-22AU- -OCALA-444 GainesvilleFL 1075
I found a rock(?) pigeon behind the Florida Museum of Natural History. The band says 444. The bird came toward me rather thank moving away. Please call me if you would like more information!

2015-09-21AU-2014-JEDDS-7233 Deerfield BchFL 1074
Is not flying. leg injured but I guess wing must be injured aslo

2015-09-21- - -166 GlendaleWI 1073
Can't really tell what the rest of the info is. Gave water in a cup, some food. Pigeon seems really frighten. Who should I call to come and get this bird? This is a business and the pigeon is close to the door.

2015-09-20AU-2015-SC-1002 CoplayPA 1072
Found this pigeon in front of our home, please help us find the owner, thank you.

2015-09-20AU-2015-GALLO LOFT- ChaskaMN 1071
Found racing pidgeon at my father in laws home. Tried to call the # I found but the man speaks spanish. Please call me and let me know what to do with this bird.

2015-09-20AU-2015-MRP-0254 CadottWI 1070
While ATV riding near Drummond,WI we witnessed a Goshawk take down this homing pigeon and kill it for food. We collected the bands. If you want to contact me, please e-mail.

2015-09-19- -MASS-743 Windsor LocksCT 1069
Band letters Mass 743 multi colored pigeon light back with black stripes across Found on perimeter road in windsor locks.

2015-09-19AU-2014- -14897 BronsonFL 1068
We've been watering and feeding the bird and its doing fine.

2015-09-17IF-2015-ACF-0759 FrederickMD 1067
Found at my former farm in Poolesville Maryland over a week ago. I'm not 100% sure of the band information, it was hard for me to read.

2015-09-16IF-2015-BHS-2015 PasadenaMD 1066
This is a blue bar with a racing chip band

2015-09-16AU-2015-MCI-1277 BeverlyOH 1065


2015-09-15AU-2015-MEM-7 GladbrookIA 1064


2015-09-15AU-2015-X-FILES-303 Mount VernonTX 1063
Found, still alive not in good shape

2015-09-15AU-2015-ARPU-37693 Lake WylieSC 1062
The pigeon came to our deck Sunday for a rest. Didn't see him yesterday. Came back today with a injury to the top of its head - skull is visible. He is safe from hawks in a cage on our deck. What do you want me to do with him?

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