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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2014-05-21-2012-MTS-152 ShepherdstownWV 606
Bird has been hanging around our house for days. We have captured it. The band reads MTS 12 152 with the "12" printed sideways. Would really like to find the owner. Any help is appreciated.

2014-05-20NPA-813- -4554 RutherfordNJ 605
bf 4554 npa 812 is on the blue band

2014-05-19AU-2012-NASH-2012 FarmingtonMO 604
Not sure who the bird belongs to however I found it in my yard wanting to return to owner asap I can not keep and do not want it to get hurt the bird can not FLY!!!

2014-05-17NPA-2010-BM-1037 ThomastonCT 603
this bird came up to very friendly and very hungry. i fed him gave him water and it is in a bird cage in my house .trying to find the owner to return

2014-05-16IF-2012-FOYS-12409 HilliardFL 602
Pigeon was found grounded. Fed and watered for 48+ hours. Attempted release this morning with no success. Will try again later today. Pigeon was walking wobbly. Only flew very low for 30 yards and had a rough landing in a bush. Looking for owner in case this sweet bird can't fly again. Any help is greatly appreciated.

2014-05-14- - - MidlothianVA 601
I could not catch the bird but it had a green band on its right leg and was laying in the kfc parking lot on hull street in Midlothian virginia. It was black and white:

2014-05-13-2012-NICKNAM-273 FairfaxVA 600
found a white dove/pigeon in our yard. blue band has the letters

2014-05-09-2009- -17559 BearDE 599
I found this pigeon dead on our doorstep. One band said PL 17559 and was red. On the other leg was a blue band with BRICON 5000 on it.

2014-05-08- - - The Sea RanchCA 598
Green band with letters GIY89.....left leg Red on right leg, Appears to be limping. Pretty bird

2014-05-07-2011-WCRF-500 WhitehallMI 596
tag is wcrf 2011

2014-05-07AU-2014-RPC-137 DartmouthMA 597
Found this pigeon in my back yard. Looks healthy but cannot fly.

2014-05-06-2012-BBL-905 Laguna HillsCA 595
White Pigeon found N2DP12BBL905

2014-05-05IF-2013- -4465 BelchertownMA 594
This bird arrived at our home yesterday, just hanging out on the back deck and this bird is very content. Looking for some help on what to do. Not sure of the club

2014-05-04IF-2014-BWI-42492 NewvillePA 592


2014-05-04- - - CoronaCA 593
I got fairly close to a beautiful brown and white speckled Pigeon. I wasn't close enough to see the band letters or #s, but I saw that I had one yellow band on it's leg. I appears to love my yard - it has been hot here in Corona and the birds are coming around because I have a swimming pool. I saw the bird for the first time late afternoon/early evening around dusk. I am not sure if I'll see it again, but it showed up 3 times today.

2014-05-02-2013-FTS-605 HampdenME 590
I found this bird dead unfortunately in my barn in Hampden Maine. On the left leg it has a purple band with 605fts13 on it on the right it has just a gray band. I still have the bird and would like to tell the owner. Thanks

2014-05-02- - - DauphinPA 591
White pigeon red eyes lime green ban on left leg. white ban on right leg. been here for 2 days stays on roof or on car top. seems tame but flys when I attempt to close distance. I am feeding it cracked corn. Dauphin Pa 17018. Live on river so water is available. Have not been able to contain bird. Have raised raptures with wild life permit.

2014-04-29- -N-6603 ChicoCA 589
hi i live in chico,ca number on pigeon is zipes n6603

2014-04-28- - -9060 Schroon LakeNY 587
I am currently in Myrtle Beach, SC . It was a yellow band. I couldn't read any other info. It was gray and in good health. It nearly walked into my condo. It probably would have let me pick it up as it walked right up to me.

2014-04-28AU-2013-28661-AA TuscaloosaAL 588
We found this pigeon outside our office. It is dead but thought we would report it so the owner would know.

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