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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-05-30IF-2015-FOYS-363 MonticelloGA 896
We found this bird at a restaurant in covington georgia. It doesn't appear to be able to fly and looks as if it has been shot under its left wing with a small gun such as a bb gun. We brought it to our home and have placed it in a 24x36 wire dog cage. Please help us find its owner. Its a beautiful bird.

2015-05-28- - - MidlandMI 895
found near my home.may be injured. yellow band possibly red yellow and pink bands also one yellow color has 5806 with may look like dor something.cant see stenciled on red band wihout handling it

2015-05-27AU-2014-JEDDS-23623 SebringFL 893
This pigeon walked up to a group of people on break at my workplace. He did not fly, nor attempt to fly away so they picked him up and brought him to me.

2015-05-27IF- -NPR-807 ClemsonSC 894
FYI: On Bands - 807 IFNPR BRC Appeared about 2:30P-WED, May 27th. Feeding small bird seed and bottled 'spring' water. Pigeon went into large 'Love' cage - on deck table - pigeon is standing. 9:55P EST

2015-05-25IF-2012-CSRA-114 LexingtonSC 891
found outside in yard...seems to have injured left leg, otherwise healthy.

2015-05-25-2015- - BoyertownPA 892
pigeon has been hanging at our home all weekend. Band on its leg states 2015. It was perched on our porch this evening at our front door. Please contact me so we can have someone save it.

2015-05-24IF-2013-MVRC-160 BarnesvillePA 889


2015-05-24IF-2003-CCC-1740 WestminsterMD 890
Found band in corn field on Franklinville Rd.

2015-05-23IF-2014-FJT-1421 Mount CarmelPA 888
my son found this pigeon on the road hurt, there is blood coming from one eye, it is breathing and we have it in a box with a small blanket, can someone please contact me so we can find its owner and get it some medical attention

2015-05-22AU-2012- -113412 YacoltWA 887
This bird was found walking in a Taco Bell parking lot and would not fly. It was brought to me, and has been indoors and flying some, no injuries and is eating and drinking just fine. Currently hanging out in an empty flight pen until owner can be located, or advised to let go.

2015-05-21AU-2014-NERPC-4159 BallwinMO 885
He or she is visiting my neighbors house right now. Don't know how long he will be there

2015-05-21AU-2014-NERPC-4159 BallwinMO 886
bird is fed and watered.

2015-05-20AU-2013-JEDDS-31606 WyomingMN 883
we found him on our deck acting disoriented. Put him in a bird cage with water and uncooked wild rice.

2015-05-20IF-2014-LM-211 Mount JacksonVA 884
This pigeon flew down on a friends porch weak and hungry.I'm tryn to find owner.

2015-05-18- - -608 GreenvilleOH 882


2015-05-16-2013- - IrontonOH 880
The ID tag reads as follows: Buckeye Lofts John Bender 1355 3807 2013

2015-05-16NPA-2013-BN-2923 BremertonWA 881
I wanted to let someone know that I found this bird. Unfortunately it was dead. Looked like it may have flown into a window. So sorry. It looked like it was beautiful.

2015-05-15- - - Saxtons RiverVT 877
The number is listed is my cell. We are in VT at our vacation home and don't get great cell reception. Our home number is 802-869-1138This is a vacation home. The phone number here is

2015-05-15- - - Saxtons RiverVT 878
We are in VT at our vacation home and don't get great cell reception.

2015-05-15AU-2010- -302 Denham SpringsLA 879
club is unreadable

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