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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2015-12-19AU-2015-JEDDS-1101 MedfordOR 1153
Found the eaten carcass in my front yard. My cats are hunters, sorry.

2015-12-18NPA-2009-EC-423 SouthgateMI 1152


2015-12-14NPA-15-8BC-4896 Sand SpringsOK 1151
Pigeon was in parking lot next to clinic, pigeon was hit by bar and no longer alive.

2015-12-13AU-2014-HIGH POINT-1136 Los AngelesCA 1150
Pigeon is being held at North Central Animal Shelter 3201 Lacy St. Los Angeles CA 90031 -- Animal ID A1601632

2015-12-11AU-2014-TRPC-5090 ColemanOK 1149
This pigeon showed up on Friday Dec 4th and has been at my shop all week. It seems to be healthy(just an observation, I know nothing about birds) but so far has showed no interest in leaving.

2015-12-08IF-2015-5522-S South KentCT 1148
Unfortunately the bird is dead, I found it in my barn a 1/2 hour ago. Green band on left leg, ID band with info on right.

2015-12-05NPA-2014-BG-5730 SorrentoLA 1147


2015-11-29AU-2014-FOYS-3766 AlamedaCA 1146
Bird found dead in my yard after falcon attack. Other leg had yellow band of LMRD518

2015-11-26-2011-FCI-153277 Gulf Of MexicoLA 1145
FCI, This pigeon has a Green Band with the above info. Currently it is 165 Miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico at Coordinates Lat-27 degrees, 21' 12.838" Lon-94 degrees, 37' 31.129" We are unable to capture it.

2015-11-24IF-2015-FOYS-13452 WareMA 1144


2015-11-23AU-2015-WBC-4275 SoudertonPA 1143
I found your bird killed by a hawk

2015-11-21IF-2015-BUFFALO-639 BuffaloNY 1142
Found dead in North Tonawanda

2015-11-13AU-2015-TXHC-351 GeorgetownTX 1141
Blue band on right leg AUS TXHC 351 Dark red band on left leg

2015-11-09AU-2015-AA-506 CarriereMS 1140
Pigeon is in good shape, was on ground walking but not flying, have it in a cage, with food and water. Did not want it on ground with dogs and cat. Please advise on what we should do with it.

2015-11-09AU-2015-ARPU-90749 AnaheimCA 1139
Found a solid white Dove or Piegon in my backyard, badly destroyed. The one leg has information I would like to send to inform the owner where the bird ended up. Blue band.

2015-11-07AU- - - HomosassaFL 1138
Found pigeon in my garage today around 3 pm. Had a purple band on right leg and solid green band on left leg. Could not read letters on purple band except for AU. He flew out and came back a couple of times and is in our neighborhood.

2015-11-06CU-2015-OL-1822 HesperiaCA 1137
Found this pigeon in our yard on 11/5/2015 may be injured or exhausted. It is safe and being watered and feed, just hoping to find its owner soon. Thank you for any assistance regarding this matter. Sincerely, Amy

2015-11-04AU-2015-AA-9538 St AugustineFL 1136
Friendly bird has been here about a week .Eating well no sign of injury.Enjoying the beach.

2015-11-02AU-2015-MET-587 LucedaleMS 1135
Please call I would like to see the bird returned home. The bird is injured. Its eating well. thanks

2015-11-01AU-2015-CORTES FAMILY-1579 MelroseFL 1134
We found the bird at our back door step Thursday morning 10/29, exhausted and hungry, it did not shy away from being caught. We put it on our screened porch and gave it cocketeil food/water. Sunday morning 11/01 we let it go but it hung around all day and this afternoon it has already come back to our porch so we let it back in scared that our dogs or cats would kill it. It's safe on our porch now but I'd like to find the owners. Thanks

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