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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-08-13- - - RoselleIL 1792
white pigeon with some dark specs has blue band on one foot and a yellow band on the other. i have not looked at the tags for id. i have given it bird food and water. not sure what to do?

2017-08-13- - -677 DavieFL 1791
i just found this pigeon on the side of my house. i don't know any other info except the numbers i listed. i have photos, contact me asap. might be injured

2017-08-13AU-2016-FOYS-15155 SleemanCA 1790
hi there. just interested in too see where this bird come from. found him this morning, he is alittle weak. letting him rest and giving him water. please let us know where this bird has come from. we live in ontario canada not california

2017-08-12AU-2017-NO MERCY- WestboroWI 1789
left leg band is white, right is blue. beautiful bird. found it in my shed 8-12-17, but apparently got in there 8-9-17 and door was closed without me knowing it was in there. very tame.

2017-08-12AU-2017- -502 MoranMD 1788
this pigeon has been hanging out around our house. he has a blue band on left leg and white band with info in the right leg. the blue band looks like it is coming loose and he favors this leg. he stands on our neighbors porch roof most of the day. he has been here a few days.

2017-08-12-2017-PSF-815 SeattleWA 1787
found hurt pigeon in lake union. we are caring for her injured wing.

2017-08-12-2016-AA-40496 Port OrchardWA 1786
organization letters: aa unsure what club letters are

2017-08-11IF-2017- -817 WindsorNY 1784
pigeon has been hanging around our house since approx 5 pm today. it is now asleep on our front porch railing. seems to be uninjured.band on the leg has 817 then if over a s. year is 2017.

2017-08-11AU-2017-CCF-3221 Studio CityCA 1785
this pigeon has been hanging outside our apartment complex. its wing appears to be injured. it runs when approached, i don't want to chase it.

2017-08-11AU-2017-CORP-1633 La PineOR 1783
please call us asap. we have a lost homing pigeon here at our house. it has a band. the letter is au 2017 corp 1633

2017-08-11AU-2017-NFL-1693 RhinelanderWI 1782
found this pigeon dead alongside the road into grace lodge, which is located on the wi river, near the intersection of hwy 8 w and hwy 17. a rather strange place to have been hit by a car, as it was on a sharp turn where vehicle traffic can only hit about 5 mph.

2017-08-10AU-2017- - RochesterMN 1781
bourgoin has a red and green looking tracking band on it's foot

2017-08-09AU-2017-SYR-709 Forest LakeMN 1780
this bird was found today in my yard, with out a head and i think a hawk got it!

2017-08-09AU-2000-MKI-0501 Lanai CityHI 1779
this is a blue band that was found in maunalei valley on lanai on 08/06/2017. the band was found still attached to an intact leg bone (so sadly, the bird is deceased).

2017-08-09- - - East TroyWI 1778
can't get close enough to read the band but it looks like the ones in the picture.

2017-08-09AU-2016-ARPU-68219 ApalachicolaFL 1777
found this brown and white pigeon with orange/red leg band 8/9/17 at st. george island state park in the florida panhandle. bird was very tame and let us approach it, attempted to capture, but was able to fly. proceeded to wander around and forage. someone else said they first noticed the bird hanging around the staff lodging on 8/8/17.

2017-08-09-2016-TENG LOR HBRC-809 SacramentoCA 1776
sacramento county animal care and regulation shelter had a pigeon come in with a tag on 8/08/2017. the tag reads: teng lor hbrc 2016 809.i am having some trouble locating the owner/organization. any information would help. thank you.

2017-08-09AU- - -507 Green BrookNJ 1775
all i can read is au std 507 The other leg has a purple band

2017-08-09AU-2017-NBC-246 SeguinTX 1774
pigeon flew and landed on our house gutter. currently have in a pen. please contact us if you own.

2017-08-08IF-2014- -14456 LoxahatcheeFL 1773
bluish/black and white speckled pigeon. very pretty. the bird is healthy and decided to stay with my pigeons. it has stayed with me for 3-4 weeks now before i was finally able to catch it and look at its band.

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