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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-06-10AU-2016-FOYS-17150 ChillicotheOH 1615
found him walking along the road . very calm

2017-06-09AU-2006-CBL-240 GlenwoodAR 1614
we found this guy on our ramp outside our classroom he is calm let us pick him up isnt flying kinda hopping around.

2017-06-09AU-2006-CBL-240 GlenwoodAR 1613
i found the bird at my workplace and he seems to be hurt.

2017-06-09- - -97 SykesvilleMD 1612
a pretty pigeon showed up at my work on 6/6/17. it has 2 bands. right leg is a light green and left leg a blue band with a white number of 97. we called local human society to ask what to do they said leave it be it is just resting. i want to find the owner of this bird. please help.

2017-06-09IPB-2016- -5074 SpringfieldIL 1611
lost bird, just want to find its home

2017-06-09IF-2016-WCM-360 KeswickVA 1610
sorry to report that we found this bird dead this morning on our front lawn with no apparent signs of injury.

2017-06-08AU-2017-IMOI-712 MaitlandMO 1609


2017-06-08- - -16689 RochesterNY 1608
found pigeon in rochester n.y. (irondequoit 14617) blue tag on right leg green tag on left leg

2017-06-08AU-2016-GA-1394 RutherfordtonNC 1607
the pigeon showed up at my home on monday june 5th and is still sitting around he does not appear to be injured i have fed him wild bird seed and he has drank plenty of water and is still at my home as of thursday june 8th 2017 he also has a green band on other leg would very much like to see him get back to his rightful owner thank you for your assistance.

2017-06-08AU-2017-ARPU- CaryNC 1606
found deceased at hope community church june 8, 2017. gray bird with yellow/orange band

2017-06-07AU-2015-SPO-758 ApplegateOR 1605
showed up in my loft sometime during the day on monday, june 5. i live in southern oregon, between medford & grants pass.

2017-06-05-2013-LPRC-905 LaverneCA 1604
found a beautiful roller last wed july 1st would like reunite it with it owner!

2017-06-04- - -126 WoltzPA 1603
pigeon found. white band #126, acts stunned.

2017-06-04-7127- - CharlotteNC 1602
pink band. found on olde savannah rd. nc. injured foot. possibly wing as well.

2017-06-04- - - MiamiFL 1601
i do not no the info because it look scared and walks off when get closer u can tell its lost

2017-06-04NBRC-2015-H-0297 AntiochCA 1600
there is another band on the other leg and it is green nbrc 2015 p 0694

2017-06-04AU-2016-AA-44882 West SeattleWA 1599
has been at my apartment for over a week. just noticed yesterday he has a red band on his leg when he was looking in my window. would love any help getting this cutie home.

2017-06-04AU-2017-AU-3560 The VillagesFL 1598
the pigeon seems injured cant fly but can walk has been in my yard since yesterday the 6/4

2017-06-04- - -44 BurlingtonCT 1597
hi - i found a beautiful pigeon dead in my yard today. he had bands on both legs on his right was a band of red, white, red and on his left was a yellow band with the number 44. i live in burlington ct. just wanted someone to know in case this was your bird. beautiful little thing.

2017-06-03AU-2016-LOU-533 FranklinTN 1596
second band tipes mc603

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