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Lost Pigeons Reported
Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-10-30AU-2017-APRC-249 PhoenixAZ 2022
green band says aprc 2017 249

2017-10-30AU-2017-VIN-198 GainesvilleFL 2023
we found this pidgeon at our facility here at florida fish and wildlife research lab.

2017-10-29AU-2017-A-17271 CitraFL 2021
green band on the other leg found about 4 pm, took about an hour to catch it have it in a wire cage am feeding it wild bird seed and water

2017-10-29- - - BrooksvilleFL 2020
this pigeon has a red band around its foot. its been around my house for about 2 weeks.it sits on my step and then flys on my roof any help please

2017-10-28- - - SpartanburgSC 2019
the pigeons hanging around and has a blue band on leg

2017-10-28CU-16-UPA8-322 NorwalkCT 2018
these are numbers and letters on this pigeon.

2017-10-27AU-2017-ARPU-34169 KatonahNY 2017
found this pigeon this evening about 6:00pm, this bird has a band on each leg, the left leg has a plastic band which reads 34169, au 2017, arpu. the right has a metal band which has asian lettering and the word pang. looks like a young homing pigeon and is a blue bar bird.

2017-10-27- - - StamfordNY 2016
there is a pigeon staying on my lawn and my roof . seems domesticated however won't let me close enough to read the bands. has one bright green and and one dark green band. i hope it stays here long enough for the owner to contact me to come get it! call please or leave a vm

2017-10-27- - - HawthorneFL 2015
i have a carrier pigeon that has been in my backyard for about 3 wks. i have been feeding & watering it. i do not want to attemp catching it. i do not know what to do with this lost pretty bird. we have many hawks & owls & i don't want it to get attacked by one of those! what can i do?

2017-10-26-2015-SHU-1722 HastingsMI 2014
this. ord hit our so dow and is now in a box in our breezeway with some water. he a green. an on other leg

2017-10-26AU-2017-ARPU-55522 RobinsonTX 2013
i found the pigeon in my front lawn. unsure why it died.

2017-10-25-2017-439- San Luis ObispoCA 2012
found on 10-25 at 7:30 pm in our driveway , put it in cage and gave water....mostly light gray with dark wing stripes

2017-10-25AU-2017- -693 ManchesterNH 2011
manchester nh. pigeon has been hanging around our house for 2 days. green neck with light pink chest. put out bird seed and it was eating also provided fresh water. blue tag on right leg said au2017, white tag on the left letters are unknown but the number was 693.

2017-10-25MEX-2016-CNU MEX-45330 LodiCA 2010
found dead pigeon in weeds. looks like it had been dead for quite awhile. 10/24/2017

2017-10-22AU-2017-FOYS-5156 ArgilliteKY 2009
au 2017 foys 5156 i a friend has the bird on her farm was wondering what to do with it

2017-10-22AU-2017-FOYS-5156 WurtlandKY 2008
brown and white. let me know what to do with him. i have watered and he/she has drunk.

2017-10-22AU- - -2734 ColumbusIN 2007
i cannot find any other numbers on the band. the bird has an injured wing and i would love to find the owner!

2017-10-22- - - WantageNJ 2006
the band is green and reads: rayy-0 2017 time flyer

2017-10-22AU-2017-FM-1975 PlacidaFL 2005


2017-10-21NBRC-2013- -13 CharlottesvilleVA 2004
found hit by car at 3:00pm oct 21 2017 before rt #683 & border of buckingham county / prince edward county

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