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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-06-20AU-2014-WRC-159 RacineWI 1636
my friend mary schroeder found the above banded leg/foot on the east steps of the racine county courthouse, racine, wi at 2 pm on june 19, 2017. there is a peregrine falcon pair with three chicks which are just fledging, located on the southeast corner of that courthouse roof about 10 stories high. she is willing to send the owner the banded leg if desired. from online information, we deduced that this pigeon was from the new lenox il club. we have the phone number of the secretary, roland nice, and will try to contact him as well. please reply by phone/text or email so we know you received this. our condolences to the owner.

2017-06-19-2014- -428 FranklinTN 1634


2017-06-19AU-2013-AA-22568 ClarksvilleTX 1633
this pigeon must have become disoriented when from bad weather. only info is: Only info is: AU213AA22568 Clarksville is located in North East Texas. We hope to reunite this bird with it's owner.

2017-06-19AU-2015-HKY-0854 Soddy DaisyTN 1632
sited @ 10am 6/19/2017 has a blue band with the above infor and a red band. we coaxed him in my garden fence gave him sesame seeds and cracked corn and water he stayed for approximately one hour and then when i went back to check on him he was gone. then he came back and ate the sesame seeds and drank some water. i don't know how long he will stay within the fence and i don't have any kind of cage i could coax him into. please give me a call at 423 605 5436 or 423 451 0092 soddy daisy is about 30 miles outside of chattanooga. thanks dee

2017-06-18-2010-3359-TSCSH DumfriesVA 1631
found on 6/7/17 perched in my 3rd floor apartment breezeway, in good health with a yellow band on its left leg. this female (i think) appears to be in good health, is very tame, constantly tries to enter my apartment and perches on my hand or arm. maybe she was a pet.

2017-06-17AU-2011-SMRP-9682 PicayuneMS 1630
he is injured unable to fly.

2017-06-17- - -1601 CanadensisPA 1629
blue band say "something memorial"

2017-06-17NPA-2014-BI-3921 Lee's SummitMO 1628


2017-06-17AU-2017-RISB-282 BrookfieldMA 1627
i have this pigeon in a kitty carrier and he is eating and drinking well. i just caught him at 2:30pm. please call me if you own him, he/she is a love bug : ) thank you donna

2017-06-16AU-2016-AA-15705 YacoltWA 1626
has a green tag with the following on it: UC3C93410

2017-06-14AU-2014-VC-807 CedarburgWI 1625


2017-06-14AU-2016-FOYS-18126 SalemNJ 1624
seems slightly injured right foot

2017-06-13IF-2017-LM-506 HudsonMI 1623
we have your bird. he is injured. please contact us

2017-06-13NBRC-2007-C-0429 FentonMO 1622
i believe i found a roller or homing pigeon today. info on tags where c0429 and u0880

2017-06-13IHU-2016-S-011599 GonzalesLA 1621
band is. ihu 16 s011599

2017-06-12IF-2016-LAT-6318 ClintonPA 1620
piegon living on my roof .

2017-06-11-2016-RI-1292 AmherstMA 1619
found exhausted in south amherst, ma. otherwise a docile and lovely bird.

2017-06-11-2016-LAT-6318 ClintonPA 1618


2017-06-11-2017-FTS-2910 SpokaneWA 1617
the pigeon was found at my place of employment. it was deceased.

2017-06-10AU-2017-GSWC-84 MagnoliaTX 1616
this beautiful gray pigeon was found dead in my back yard. it looked as though it had been attacked by something.

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