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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-08-16AU- -BUCKEYE- SistersvilleWV 1812
i been trying to get ahold of the owner of the racing bird we found we had it for 5 days, it been well taken care of, just trying to return to the owner.

2017-08-16AU-2017-BEC-907 CharlestonIL 1811
rescued from cats in charleston, il currently caring for pigeon, would love info on how far it has traveled and what we need to do for it.

2017-08-16UC-2003-C-2916 JamestownNY 1810
band id uc3 over c92916

2017-08-16-2017-DMV-0249 DelmarMD 1809
in good condition. fed and watered. separated from my high flyers.

2017-08-16- -69- Glen DanielWV 1808
i found this bird on my back porch last night and its very tame so i picked it up and im trying to find the owner. if you could help i would greatly appreciate it.

2017-08-16-2017-SKY-272 ReadingPA 1807
found on direct link property seemed tired / kept safe from cats in area / unknown if just taking a break / green band / and blue band / didn't seem inj

2017-08-15- - - PelkieMI 1806
have not caught the bird. in good health, with green tag on one leg and clear w/printing on the other. arrived about a week ago. i am in the upper peninsula of michigan. wish someone would call and tell me what to feed it. is eating sunflower seeds with the bluejays and chickadees.

2017-08-15AU-2017-GRN-1848 ParmaMI 1805
pigeon did not survive.

2017-08-15AU-2017-IMOI-1707 PaolaKS 1804
found pigeon deceased in on a rural road of paola, ks. 359th street maybe mile north of renner. gray and white.

2017-08-15AU-2017-AA-309 HammondWI 1803
i gave it food and water,

2017-08-14-2015-ACRC-1557 CaliforniacityCA 1802
i found a dead pigeon in my back yard with the following band on its leg. green aluminum band with the markings; acrc 1557 dated 2015

2017-08-14IF-2017-SCH-1613 VestalNY 1801
i found this beautiful bird in my garden 8/14/17 eating bird food that had fallen to the ground. very docile - was able to get it into a cage and give it food and water. hope to find its owner.

2017-08-14IF- -BB-718 PhillipsburgNJ 1800
no visible injuries i found it in my flowerbed. i have it in a pet taxi with water and dried lentils

2017-08-14- - - RoselleIL 1799
white pigeon blacks specks has a yellow band and a blue band. i am feeding and giving him water plz contact me.

2017-08-14- - -55 SharpsburgGA 1798
sorry can't read the band. has been around for 4-5 days.

2017-08-14AU-2017- -623 BayviewID 1797
appears to be a dragoon pigeon. call me and i'll give more detail. captured (i keep taking it outside, but it's roaming the living room again; windows and door are always open here). it's lost, but doesn't appear to be injured. i'm guessing someone in farragut park lost it. it hasn't yet let me touch it, and my eyesight is poor for reading it's band - still working that problem. there are 2 bands - one white, with the numbers on it that i have provided here and another green band on the other leg. still trying to read that one.

2017-08-14AU-2017-RIS-275 HinghamMA 1796
14aug17 - found in shrubs across the street from wahlburgers at hingham shipyard, hingham, ma likely hit a window in the condo building at that location. it had a band so i figured somebody cared enough to know what happened to it. took pictures of the band. (overcoming the ick factor).

2017-08-14IF-2017-LBRA-711 SeldenNY 1795
found and brought to animal emergency services in selden with wound on left wing.

2017-08-13AU-2017-GFL-834 HaddockGA 1794


2017-08-13- -5619- OwossoMI 1793
bird was found sitting in our garden among the cucumbers and tomatoes. looks tired, will walk away from us when getting to close. sorry, can not get close enough to read any other information.the band in each leg looks either silver or white.too bad there is not a place to post a picture i took 2 pics.

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