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Lost Pigeons Reported
Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-10-12IF-2017-VGWF-7536 DurhamNC 1989


2017-10-12AU-2017-LVRPC-678 RockfordIL 1988
he's been running around the parking lot here at work for a couple days. please hurry with response. we caught him and have him in a large box with lots of holes for light and air. we can't keep him long, seeing as though it's a work place. thank you.

2017-10-12IF-2017-ERIE-5562 WabashIN 1987
i have this bird in my possession. it has been at my place since sunday (10/8/2017) it has allowed me to pick it up and place it in an outdoor aviary - is eating well and drinking well. i do not have pigeons but i do raise finches, parakeets, etc. what would the rightful owner wish for me to do with this bird?

2017-10-12IF-2017-GPC-3973 UppervilleVA 1986
pigeon is just hanging out, very friendly.

2017-10-11AU-2017-OCR-1268 Fort WaynegIN 1985
lost pigeon.. has been here for a couple days.leave message on recorder.

2017-10-09AU- -DWI-541 WashingtonUT 1984
these are the only identifiers we could see; the band is white and the pigeon is very tame and friendly. we couldn't see a year. we have cats, need i say more! he doesn't seem to want to leave.

2017-10-08AU-2017-BEL-548 EdinburgIL 1983
this pigeon adoped my place out in the country apparently. it always seemed to turn up here.

2017-10-07- - -7 Arlington HeightsIL 1982
found a white pigeon in our front yard with a light tan or light yellow band on it's left leg. only has a number. no letters. seems like it is in good health. can fly but usually hangs around our house. hope i can find it's home. really nice bird.

2017-10-07- - - PittsgroveNJ 1981
red band and a green band, on top of my roof for a few days, came down to eat some sunflower seeds. we have water in bowl and bird bath but haven't seen him drink. couldn't get close enough to read band info

2017-10-07- - - OcalaFL 1980
i cannot get close enough to the pigeon to view his green band on his right leg. my neighbor is feeding it and i suggested she place a bowl of water on the ground. the pigeon is not flying and possibly got displaced by hurricane irma. please contact me so someone can come get the lost pigeon. it seems to be very scared. we live at the apartments of "estates @ heathbrook" off sr 200 in ocala, florida.

2017-10-06- - - JacksonWI 1979
cant pick it up has string stuck on left foot with a band on the right. found in jackson, washington cty, wi

2017-10-06IF-2017-LM-1251 Mount PleasantMI 1978
this lost bird has been around for a week, i was able to catch it this morning, looks healthy

2017-10-05NPA-1972-CA-14 OgdenUT 1977


2017-10-05AU-2017-YAK-7056 WorleyID 1976
found this bird dead in the shower at the cda casino wood shop 10-5-17

2017-10-04-798- - LancasterPA 1975
gray pigeon hanging around construction site. green band with "798" on left leg of bird, darker green with red sticker band on right leg of bird.

2017-10-03- - - MorristownNJ 1974
beautiful mostly white with a band of black feathers around neck - he/she showed up a week ago at my job in morristown nj. trying to get close enough to read the band ( on left leg ) looks very healthy ! been feeding and giving water ... this pigeon is starting to hang out with the pigeons at the train station. hopefully we get close enough to read his/her id numbers

2017-10-03- - - VancouverWA 1973
we have a beautiful black and white unbanded pigeon on our deck. it's unafraid of us and obviously lost. call me if you want to come get him/her

2017-10-03AU-2017-GHC-6240 ChieflandFL 1972


2017-10-02AU-2017-JEDDS-3974 Palm SpringsCA 1971
i don't know if i have the information listed correctly, but a gentleman brought in this bird, i am assuming it is a homing pigeon based on my limited knowledge. I am sorry to say the bird is deceased; the gentleman who found him was kind enough to bring him to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter where I work. I saw the band and thought I'd try my best to let the owner know.

2017-10-02IF-2017-SCH-1782 DanvillePA 1970


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