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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-04-10-2015-CANARIA ESPANA-1054412 Moore HavenFL 1521
has a green band that says ' canaria espana ' with numbers 1054412 on it. also has a rubber band-looking type of band that just has the numbers ' 4411 ' on it.

2017-04-10AU-2015-FOY'S-16199 BaltimoreMD 1520
found leg and wing. leg had a blue band.

2017-04-09AU-2016-NA-626 KennesawGA 1519
was found dead in yard due to another bird attack. either bird or owl 4/9/2017

2017-04-08AU-2016-WRV-6726 Deer ParkWI 1518
found this bird in somerset wi it was dead in our blower room. could you tell me where it was banded it also had a green band on other leg no numbers

2017-04-08AU-2016-WWW-56 BoiseID 1517
found this pigeon mauled, most likely by a cat, in my backyard the morning of 8 april 2017.

2017-04-07- -PP-5838 HomesteadFL 1516
i found a pigeon with the following on its band PP 10 5838

2017-04-05AU-1989-OAKS-2013 San ClementeCA 1515
4/4/17 san clemente, ca 4pm

2017-04-04AU-2017-ARPU-12622 Brooklyn ParkMN 1514
unfortunately we found this pigeon dead at a park by our house and just wanted to let you know

2017-03-28- -CC-228 HinesvilleGA 1513
red tag with the following numbers/letters: 2cc228

2017-03-28AU-2009-CVF-394 LeesburgFL 1512
out working in yard and the bird walked up to me. wouldn't leave and followed me everywhere. picked him/her up and put in large cage. watered and fed. seems tame. please advise what to do next. can't keep it. thanks cindy

2017-03-26NBRC-2016-Z0283- KeotaOK 1511
this pigeon has been hanging out in our carport for a few days. thanks ronn hull

2017-03-25-2016-EZR-855 StocktonCA 1510
our new friend has been hanging out at big valley ford stockton ca two bands white ezr 2016 855 yellow 2016 580

2017-03-24AU-2016-APRC-651 GlendaleAZ 1509
the band is green with the letters aprc and what looks like the az flag symbol.

2017-03-19AU-2016-ARPU-91257 VacavilleCA 1508
bird has been in neighborhood for a few days. appeared in my backyard today, actively foraging but not roosting and "fluffed" up. ran when approached, but easily caught. very thin, with prominent keel. i'm a small animal vet, but will do what i can.

2017-03-15IF- -EIRE,PA-4269 WellsboroPA 1503
#4269 erie, pa is what's on the band, has been found and braught here.

2017-03-10AU-2006-MT-6000 GladstoneOR 1504


2017-03-09AU-2016-ALVAREZ-3302 JenningsFL 1505
please contact me regarding this pigeon. i was able to capture it before my cat did! it is safe but i would like ti find the owner.

2017-03-07AU-2017-AROUND-53179 WaycrossGA 1507
i have found an injured bird both legs r taged. 912-548-6651

2017-03-06AU-2012-YPM-408 TroutdaleOR 1506
i found a dead bird in my yard, mostly bones, feathers and a leg with a band.

2017-03-05AU-2016-DELTA-1786 MetairieLA 1501
i found this bird in my back yard today.

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