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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-05-07-2016-APRC-993 San Tan ValleyAZ 1557
i found a dead pigeon on my table in my back yard this morning (5/17/14). it had a green band aprc 2016 993 with a symbol that looks like the arizona flag symbol. sorry for your loss. please let me know if you need me to send the band and to where. thanks.

2017-05-06CU-2016- -28563 CalhounKY 1556
third was found on 05/06/17 it is in to bad of shape to make it back and i was wondering where it came from and who the owner was thanks call or tex i am currently feeding it to try to get it back in some type of shape to make it back where it came from

2017-05-06AU-2016-PIGEON-1545 West SayvileNY 1555
found pigeon in my yard. it has a yellow band says pigeon 2016 then number 1545

2017-05-05NPA-2017-BH-1071 JamesvilleVA 1554
i am a wildlife rehabber. this pigeon was found in eastville, va not flying well. i just got it in and have not yet evaluated it's flight as it is storming out at the moment. However it is very calm and eating.

2017-05-04MEX-2014-FMC-139240 HaywardCA 1553
white pigeon, was brought in to the shelter on 5/4/2017. if you are the owner, you can call us/email us to let us know your bird is here.

2017-05-04AU-2015-GHC-4669 RobertaGA 1552


2017-05-03- - -2689 GambrillsMD 1551
this pigeon was found injured in gambrills, md on 5/3/17. the band is green but features no lettering. the number on the band is 2689.

2017-05-03AU-2016-BAILEY-615 RockfordMN 1550
found wandering along side my garage yesterday may 2nd. gave it bird seed and water and ate and drank good. put it in a cage inside over night. follows us around the yard all day yesterday.

2017-05-02AU-2016-GHC-16747 DelandFL 1549
this bird has been staying around my home for the last month and i was able to get him in a cage today. i would like to find out who the owner is and return. the bird is in good health. thank you

2017-05-01- -QCP-952 SummerdalePA 1548
very windy and stormy here today. pigeon is on my deck and roof. won't allow me to get close enough for more info. could only see the letters qcp and number 952 on white leg band. other leg band is black; can't see any markings.

2017-05-01AU-2116-LKY-129 MillfieldOH 1547
in aviary with my snow whites

2017-05-01-2016-VP-415 Lock HavenPA 1546
the letter vp. this bird has come to my yard the past 3 days.

2017-04-30AU-2017-EGM-9303 WebsterMA 1545
found with hurt wing

2017-04-30AU-2014-CGI-503 JasperAL 1544
found this pigeon today, april 30, 2017, in the middle of the road. it is alive, but appears to be injured or sick. we have it home. please call or email.

2017-04-30NPA-2008-BV-2696 WoodbridgeVA 1543
we found the bird in our shopping center. very tame. please help us to find the owner. if we cannot find them do we just release it after it rests with food and water for a few days? thanks so much. christine learman ps we did contact the npa but there data base starts in 2011 so they could not help us.

2017-04-28IF-2016-IFH-68319 Key WestFL 1542
bird found us at sea, looking to find owner...hurry! bird is craping all over my boat!

2017-04-26AU-2016-AA-47063 OlympiaWA 1541
the band with the above information is red. the pigeon also has a blue band on its other leg with the number 42 on it.

2017-04-26NPA-2010-DG-905 San JoseCA 1540
pigeon found in aunt and uncle's back yard in sacramento. not sure of the breed but it looks like a gold collar pigeon. we are trying to find the owner so we can reunite them. any information is useful.

2017-04-26AU-2017-ARPU-43510 HickoryNC 1539
white tag.those are the letters and numbers i could make out

2017-04-25-2015-EZR-186 FresnoCA 1538
found this pigeon (deceased) in side yard today. no apparent trauma?

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