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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-01-14NPA-2014-NEC-219 Terre HauteIN 1487
hi i'm trying to find out where this pigeon is from

2017-01-11NPA-2014-MFC-4547 FlushingNY 1486
the band says: npa 14 8 mfc 4547, + a yellow ring. 'mfc' might be 'hfc' it's hard to make out. bird is healthy, uninjured and is being fed.

2017-01-09AU-2016-PBC-123 Boca RatonFL 1485
found this pigeon walking around at our school.

2017-01-04AU-2016-FHI-662 OtisOR 1484
we have found a pigeon with the band letters 662 au2016 fhi we have the pigeon in a cage in the house

2017-01-02AU-2016- -65291 GreeneNY 1483
the pigeon is alive and captured for his owner to take him home.

2017-01-02NPA- -BH-3502 GloucesterMA 1482
(i hope this is how one reports a found pigeon.)

2017-01-01-2016-SFR-441 Walnut CreekCA 1481
sepia and pearl grey (pearl grey back, dappled brown and white wings) brown beak with white puffs at head end, possibly a dragoon. brown breast. red leg band. very tame and calm. injured.

2016-12-29NBRC-2015-CO-979 HenriettaTX 1480
this bird showed up at our ranch yesterday. he is in a safe cage with plenty of water and grain.

2016-12-06AU-2015-TDI-4212 TucsonAZ 1472
it appears to have been attacked by a hawk or owl. it hid under a table and then under a chair on our front patio. must have happened last night, 12/6/16.

2016-12-01-2015-AC-275 MiamiFL 1473
it reads ac 15 275

2016-11-19AU-2016-PSC-42 Lake Havasu CityAZ 1474
bird is hanging out at my house near a wild bird feeder. used binoculars to read the red tag.

2016-11-14AU-2016-OLD CROW LOFT-57 French SettlementLA 1475
bird was found dead

2016-11-14IPB-2012-R-17389 MackayID 1476
the bird has been here for 4 or 5 days. couldn't catch it until today. it was pretty subdued.

2016-11-03AU-2016-BON-6293 InyokernCA 1477
this pigeon has been around our house for the last two days. it does not appear to be injured, but does not know what to do. we are located 8 miles north of inyokern on brown road.

2016-11-02AU-2016-SOL-173 LouisburgMO 1478
a pigeon with two bands has been at our farm for two days, the numbers on the band read au 2016 sol 173, it is grey and white and does not seem to be hurt as it fly around and goes into our feed room at night.

2016-10-29AU-2016-FR-463 ReddingCT 1479
found young hen black check in bethel ct with race band green on left legand au band on right

2016-10-20AU-2016-GHC-13376 Cedar KeyFL 1471
the bird seems to be hurt.

2016-10-20AU-2016-PDP-6726 Laguna ParkTX 1470
bird first spotted on the 19th of oct. and is still here on the 20th. capture bird got #'s. got loose before i could secure it . hopping it will get it's direction and make it home

2016-10-19AU-2016- -1501 EasthamptonCT 1469


2016-10-18IF-2016-YUK-74 WashingtonPA 1468
this pigeon has been in my barn since friday the 14th. trying to find his home.

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