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Lost Pigeons Reported
Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-06-26IF-2014-WELLWOOD-2903 MasticNY 1655


2017-06-26AU-2011-GUYS-395 FredericktowwnOH 1654


2017-06-25NPA-2017-OHIO-1740 TomlinsonOH 1653
band is yellow with ohio 2017. no other letters just 1740. bird has a sore foot

2017-06-25-2016-BRA-NWD-653 Hadley (edinburg)NY 1652
found gray pigeon in the water in great sacandaga lake, edinburg, ny. pulled from the water, giving food and water. bird is alert and doesn't appear injured, but just stays in one spot.

2017-06-24IF- -LCM-1316 N. ArlingtonNJ 1651
Found homing pigeon on road and he wouldn't move out ogf the way of my. Right leg band is green w/ LCM 1316 (also small letters )stamped on it. Left leg band is orange w/ nothing stamped on it. Thanks!

2017-06-24NPA-2017- - IndependenceMO 1650
found cream and white pigeon with white band. can only read npa 17 so far. has been hanging out with my husband all day. please call if this is your pigeon. we are watering and feeding it.

2017-06-24- - - CummingGA 1646
first noticed 6/21/17 as it did not fly away as expected. thought it may be injured-approached and saw leg band. cannot get close enough to touch-but it is not especially afraid of us, and just hops out of reach-but stays close. might be injured-does not fly well and seems to be tripping or limping on one side. 6/24, and it is still here. not scared by kids or dogs, and comes towards us when we are outside. we can't read what the leg band says-but there is a leg band.

2017-06-24-2013- - HillsboroOR 1647
orange band on leg can read on car lot all day strick family auto hillsboro or

2017-06-24IPB-2017-B-928 State CollegePA 1645
we're new to this but befriended a hungry and thirsty pigeon while gardening today. he's still there napping. the band says 2017 ipb b 928.

2017-06-24- - - ValenciaND 1648
a pigeon with bands has been at my bird feeders for a week. i can't get close enough to read it. one band is blue and one is yellow.

2017-06-24- - - EdgewoodWA 1649
just flew into our barn for the night.

2017-06-23AU-2017-FOYS-21425 BethelCT 1644
i found the pigeon in the parking lot. a crow was attacking it. its leg looks hurt and everything is closed. i have him/her in a box with water and some small pieces of apple. please help.

2017-06-23IF-2017- -360 AshburnhamMA 1643
blue band but i cannot get full numbers off the band. he seems to be injured. he cannot fly very high. been here since last night. i do have pictures.

2017-06-22IPB-2015-B-11514 HartsWV 1642
the bird came in to my house at thompson br harts wv and is still on my roof

2017-06-22NPA-2017-BG-2890 TyngsboroMA 1641
found in yard, appears to be injured.

2017-06-21-2016-NWD-1229 MysticCT 1640
found on mumford cove (groton) property while working there. gave it water and bird seed. yellow band looks like it read bra nwd 2016 1229 piqeon may have injured wing. homeowner is going to try and get it into box to protect it. have picture i could forward to possible owners phone. let me know. thanks for any help! adria

2017-06-20IF-2017-TRI-BORO-68 Floral ParkNY 1639
blue band if #68 tri-boro

2017-06-20-2014- -22 PortlandOR 1638
blonde pigeon strolled into our building twice. had some sticky stuff on feathers that we tried to clean off. the second time he same in he suddenly flew away, but since he came in twice today, he may come back if in need. a green band on the leg markings - 22 and a smaller 2014

2017-06-20IF-2017-LIN-902 OrientNY 1637
green band. pigeon found out at north-eastern long island on plum island on 06/16/17. was able to get band information today 6/20

2017-06-20AU-2017-TOPFLIGHT RPC-831 OakdaleMN 1635
this bird was brough into our clininc tonight with a severly broken left wing, unable to fly, and likely will never fly again. pain meds and basic care ( food/water/cage etc) have been provided but unless we hear from on owner soon, likely will euthanize as this bird is very critically injured. i left my email ( andi) i am here until 8 am on the 20th , but you can call the number above to talk to an employee. Update: Please inform the owner of this bird that it was humanely euthanized as his condition was very grave Thanks Andi N Cvt at Animal Emergency at Oakdale

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