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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2018-02-17AU-2017-JEDDS-35535 TopekaKS 2074
the bird flew into a glass window of my house and apparently broke his neck. i found it dead and disposed of its body.

2018-02-09AU-2017- -7681 JolietIL 2073
it’s in my garage now, we just had about a foot of snow. we are feeding it

2018-02-04AU-2016-TCPC-6343 West Palm BeachFL 2072
found this dead racing pigeon on a beach in west palm beqch fl. it had a second dead bird next to out with it marked “bulgaria 11413 2015”. let me know if you need any other info.

2018-02-04-2010-SHU-2000 MedinaOH 2071
this particular pigeon visited my bird feeder and was killed by a peregrine falcon. i discovered the falcon eating the pigeon and when i went to investigate discovered that it was banded.

2018-02-02NPA-2016-MFC-2373 Land O'lakesFL 2070
npa (16) 8 mfc 2373 green color with yellow zip tie jesus saves (2016 ) 385 black band went to lunch with a red shoulder hawk

2018-02-01-2011-WCRF-649 HamiltonMI 2069
not sure if the wcrf is organization letters or club letters

2018-01-31AU-2015-HAR-91 Parma HeightsOH 2068
flew into my garage and i fed it and put in cage to locate owner.

2018-01-29AU-2017-U-TEN-2927 Lake CityFL 2067
i have a pigeon that has been here for about a week from approx jan 222 today is the 29th. she comes back every day to eat and drink. i have not tried to catch her and read band by photographing her.

2018-01-22AU-1997-GSC-0121 RiponCA 2066
was found die

2018-01-20- - - MiamiFL 2065
hello. found a pigeon and i am caring for him for the time being. he has a ring that reads albert12. please help me find his home. thank you

2018-01-18AU-2016-ML-374 CoronaCA 2064
red bar cock or silver banded motherload or ml 16 #374. please call a 25 reward for him

2018-01-14AU-2017- -1707 SunsetTX 2063
pigeon showed at our house and won’t leave. let’s us walk up to it but not catch. can’t keep flight.

2018-01-11-2017-GHC-16736 YemasseeSC 2062


2018-01-04AU-2016-PAL-14 FallbrookCA 2061
a large amount of white with some brown feathers caught our attention. no body, just feathers. then saw the red band. fallbrook ca 1.4.18.

2017-12-28NPA-2016-MFC-2369 BrooklynNY 2060
it was really cold last night and this bird kept trying to enter windows in my building until finally succeeding in entering my bathroom window. i have it and i'm feeding it. if this is a homer pigeon please let me know so i can release, or keep until pick up.

2017-12-22AU-2014- -FVC Woodland HillsCA 2059
help!! injured tagged pigeon in my yard at burbank blvd & valley circle in woodland hills. need help asap as there’s barn cats and coyotes out here. i think the band numbers end with fvc but i’m not positive.

2017-12-22CU-2017-NIHL-17501 OldsMO 2058
this is a canadian location within the province of alberta

2017-12-17-2017-EZR-651 FresnoCA 2057
he's just been sitting on our porch, showed up this afternoon. he's very docile. we named him paul.

2017-12-13NPA-2017-CB-1191 Lloyd HarborNY 2056
found at my house in huntington ny. 12/12/17 in a bird cage

2017-12-11AU-2017-ARPU-73475 OrlandoFL 2055
12/11/17 3:15am two birds appeared in my backyard. when i noticed the bands i figured they were racing and picked up one to get the id info. put out bird seeds and water for them. I am located at ---- Haines Cr, Or FL I am interested in this bird's release point and point of destination. Maybe later the owner might let me know how long it took for the trip.

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