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Lost Pigeons Reported
Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-05-21AU-2014-TEXSTAR-1435 PflugervilleTX 1577
i found a bird with these numbers in my yard appears to be hurt. i have it secured please call

2017-05-20-2016-APRC-648 PhoenixAZ 1576
i found a pigeon with a green band on the ankle. the band reads aprc 2016 648.

2017-05-19AU-2015-VC-619 HillmanMN 1575
another band on other leg, 2000 taurus. been here in minnesota for 4 or 5 days. very friendly.

2017-05-18IF-2015-GE-747 FarmingdaleNJ 1574
i found this pigeon on the side of the road, slight injury to his wing. he is currently in my barn eating wildfire seed, chicken crumbles n has water. anyone claim him?

2017-05-15-2016-CHRC-363 WarrentonVA 1573
found today may 15 2017 not injured has had food and water information is chrc 2016. # 363 please help us find his owner

2017-05-15- - -5702 Avon LakeOH 1572
i am writing for my friends who told me that a pigeon had flown into their patio screen and was killed. i am so sorry. please contact me anytime.

2017-05-15-2016- -543 Idaho FallsID 1571
found pigeon in idaho falls in freeman park - red band - ida 543 - 2016

2017-05-15NBRC-2016-B-310 AlleganMI 1570
not sure what all the numbers stand for. they read as follows: b0310 nbrc 16

2017-05-15NBRC-2004-R- Los AngelesCA 1569
redish-maroon friendly and trained pigeon in backyard. best guess nbrc 04 r band on left ankle.

2017-05-14AU- - -13368 DelanoMN 1568
i am sorry to say that i found this bird deceased in my backyard, i wanted to let you know in case someone was looking.

2017-05-13NBRC-2015-S-1886 AlleganMI 1567
not sure of year, 2013 or 2015. seems to be exhausted, gave food and water & sheltered place for now. can fly, buy only a few feet to roof. has eaten and drank, but has remained here for several hours.

2017-05-12- - - VincennesIN 1566
a bird with id band(red)numbered50799e,landed on our porch.seemed to think it knew us,climbed in my lap, very pretty bird,very friendly.stayed maybe 1 hour then flew away,hope he/she is ok.

2017-05-11NPA-2016- -1013 Des MoinesWA 1565
the band says npa 16 0g0 1013... she had a hole in her neck, im assuming from an attack so we stitched her up so she can eat..her band says npa so i know she belongs to the npa

2017-05-11-2015-CCRC-628 LuthervilleMD 1564
the band is orange . we can't read the blue band . he has been here for two nights and seems happy but we have two dogs so we are worried . we have fed him and given him water. please tell us what we should do. thank you

2017-05-09AU-2016-A CHAMP-72 New WaverlyTX 1563
this pigeon showed up @ our section/county barn. it walk through our shop & pretty much hung around all day @ the section/ shop. we gave it water & food & it looks good ( i do have pictures) it has 2 bands one with the above info the other just a green band. @ the end of day it was walking around our equipment shed. please advise if its still @ shop. john byrd huntsville, tx

2017-05-09NPA-148-MFCF-304 MilltownNJ 1562
found in my backyard this evening that's the band numbers to the best of my ability

2017-05-09- - - Ormond BeachFL 1561
white homing pigeon. first seen 5/9/2017. wild sitting in tree behind publix on roscommon drive.

2017-05-09IPB-2015-B-11489 GrapevineTX 1560
hello, we found this bird in our yard. it seems as though a cat or some other animal got a hold of it. there were a bunch of feathers on the side of the house and then we found more and the bird at the front of the house. just thought i would let you know that this bird isn't alive anymore. sorry.

2017-05-07AU-2016- -85518 MorrisOK 1559
beautiful homing pigeon came to our home today. she prefers to stay in our shop perched on top of our truck bed cover. we have fed and watered and we have the shop enclosed for the night. will open in morning and hopefully she will leave for home.

2017-05-07AU-2016-AA-8761 ElyNV 1558
bird is in good condition, but doesn't seem keen to leave. second band says benzing pro. i'm willing to bet it got knocked off course by the hellacious winds we've had in the last two days. I've had birds before, finches to African grays and currently chickens, so I can keep it safe for a few days before releasing it if I don't hear from anyone.

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