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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-07-21- - -303 Toms RiverNJ 1716
i haven't got close enough to see the whole band

2017-07-20NPA-2015-MFC-4000 ManisteeMI 1715
bird has been here 10 days or so.friendly bird, leaves for short time periods(hour or so) but always returns.

2017-07-20IF-2017-MRC-829 Willow GrovePA 1714
bird was alive in roadway in blazing sun with a clearly broken leg and possibly broken wing, probably struck by a car. unfortunately i had to humanly dispatch it so it would suffer no longer. this was on wyandotte road in willow grove. sorry.

2017-07-20IPB-2016-R-3041 GreenfieldIN 1713
tag shows ipb 2016r 3041

2017-07-19AU-2016-OCALA- Oakland ParkFL 1712
pink band is on the left leg and says 1215, white band is on right and says au 2016 ocala

2017-07-19NBRC-16-KO-701 ShirleyMA 1711
this bird has been in my chicken coop for 3days now

2017-07-19- -TAF-0949 West BloomfieldMI 1710
i work for a hospital and we have had a homing? pigeon here at our door for 24 hours. he doesn't seem to be injured and has flown up to the roof but keeps coming back. i have given him water and unsalted peanuts and sunflower seeds which he has drank/eaten. not sure how to find his owner.

2017-07-19AU-2017-FOYS-25278 DavidsonvilleMD 1709
currently hanging out in our greenhouse. seems unable to fly any distance. will attempt to "fly away" when you get close but quickly falls.

2017-07-18AU-2015-FOY'S-10641 GrandvilleMI 1708
i have this bird with me, the bird is lost and has a broken wing. i have given it water and am looking at who to call or bring this bird to. anyone know?

2017-07-18NPA-2009-CA-2027 MedfordWI 1707


2017-07-18- - - PrestonNY 1706
hello, i don't know the band numbers, just that it is a green band. the pigeon is white, appears healthy and can fly. it has been around 171 tamarac road for about 4 days now. 20 feet is about as close as we can get to it. it has plenty of food and water here, but is obviously lost.

2017-07-18- - - BelfastME 1705
hi there - we have a pigeon with a green band on its leg who is making our garage/roof it's home. i don't know what to do with it and my large tom cat is very interested in him/her.

2017-07-17AU-2017-AA-28756 WinneconneWI 1704
we found a homing pigeon with numbers as above. would like to get it back to its owner. please contact me if this could be your pigeon. thanks

2017-07-17AU-2014-SYR-893 SyracuseNC 1703
found this bird in my backyard, feed and gave him water and a box

2017-07-16- - - MontgomeryTX 1702
pigeon showed up at our home around 7/10/17 and may take off for a bit but always returns. can't get close enough or trap him to read his band.

2017-07-16- - - Bel AirMD 1701
unable to get close enough to see the band. the pigeon is black and white with some purple in the black. looks like an orange colored band. he has been in my neighbor's yard and mine since friday july 14th. we have given him bird food and water but he doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon.

2017-07-16- - - TerrellTX 1700
we have a lost pidgeon at my grandmothers house in terrell tx. the tags are red and yellow and the number i can see is #20, has anyone reported a missing pidgeon?

2017-07-15NPA-2016-BE-1496 Presque IsleMI 1699
he seems very friendly but unable to fly.

2017-07-14AU-2017-KEN-1933 Oak CreekWI 1698
the pigeon is alive with an injury. placed in box with water. found in my back yard this a.m july 14th 2017. best contact is by phone # i submitted

2017-07-14NPA-1513-FC-2156 Cedar RapidsIA 1697
hi, we found a pigeon wandering in our back yard.

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