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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-09-19AU-2017-RI-607 MiddletownCT 1936
found 9/19/17. 9 pm behind house. also has a green plastic rdf? band.

2017-09-19- - - Cherry HillNJ 1935
i don't see a band number but it seems very socialized and staying with us. pretty black and white with a little green coloring. i have a picture.

2017-09-19AU-2017-BBM-337 WellsboroPA 1934


2017-09-18- - - Clifton ParkNY 1933
have been watching this bird for a week now. looks like a large pigeon researched a little, and think it is a wood pigeon found in the uk. it has a band on its leg.

2017-09-18-2017-VGWF-7696 RougemontNC 1932
white pigeon black tail feathers is in my front yard,it has a green band around the right leg, it wont let me get close to it but then it wont fly away, i have been keeping it fed with wild bird seed an water if there is something else i should feed it let me know

2017-09-18AU-2017-MAL-414 ActonMA 1930
the band says aug2017 mal414. it is not flying and was found in acton mass.

2017-09-18IF-2017-BHS-490 SmyrnaDE 1931
was ran over by big tractor trailer at my work. had bands on it.

2017-09-17AU- -BRFT-1195 SharonTN 1928
the number on this pigeon is 1195 au 20 brft. it showed up 09/16/17 in our garage. it stayed overnight and we fed it. i opened the garage this morning and it flew out but returned and has been here all day. its not injured. just wondering how to find its owner. i would appreciate any help. thank you. vickie wasniowski

2017-09-17AU- -2017-324 SalemCT 1929


2017-09-17AU- -2017-324 SalemCT 1927


2017-09-17- - - RougemontNC 1926
not able to get close enough to read numbers ,band is green

2017-09-17- - - Grand MeadowMN 1925
gray came to our place yesterday after thunderstorm. i can't get close enough to catch to get band info but there are bands on both legs. we also have bald eagles in our area so i am very concerned for the birds safety.

2017-09-17AU-2017-VONVELA-315 EvergreenCO 1924
rescued: floyd hill, evergreen, co saturday, september 16, 2017 current location: north evergreen between between el rancho and floyd hill near bergen park. home care by bird lovers who used to own african ring neck doves. please contact asap. bird not eating.

2017-09-17AU-2017-THP-2498 Pinellas ParkFL 1923
found dead in my front lawn 9/17.

2017-09-16- - - DunnellonFL 1922
there is a beautiful homing pigeon that showed up on our property today. after just going thru a hurricane, i'm sure he would want to be home. i am not able to see a band. please contact me if you have lost one, i have pictures.

2017-09-16IPB-2011-B- MobileAL 1921
we found a lost pigeon that has a yellow bracelet tag on its leg that says ipb b 2011 on it and we don't know how to find the owner... we have him in our house protecting him but we need to find the owner. please help.

2017-09-16IPB-2016-B-4562 Virginia BeachVA 1919
i was in eagle grove ,iowa and found this band on a dead pigeon.....it appeared the pigeon was roosting on a home soft-it just on edge of city .....caught by a wild animal or cat and completely eaten but band on a leg.....june of 2016....ipb b 2016 4562.......would like to know where it's home was

2017-09-15- - - Dade CityFL 1920
white and brown pigeon with red and green bands

2017-09-15NPA-2015-ARC-564 Stevenson RanchCA 1918
i e-mailed the npa found pigeon e-mail address today, but i am not sure how long it usually takes to hear back from them. for the last 1-2 weeks there has been what i believe is a german owl pigeon visiting my work. it sits in front of a handful of windows (including mine) for most of the day. unfortunately, the windows that it likes to perch in front of are on the 2nd floor and the windows do not open. my work building is next to a giant field/mountains (basically on the cusp of wildlife and suburbia ha), and i am kinda worried about this little guys safety. it does not seem to be one that is accustomed to living outdoors, and we have many hawks and one giant golden eagle that frequent right here. hoping i will get a chance to safely capture it tomorrow of the opportunity arises.

2017-09-14AU-20-FH-4 BumpassVA 1917
only thing i can see is au-20 fh and the number 4 (there might be more numbers after the 4).

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