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Lost Pigeons Reported
Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-10-22AU-2017-FOYS-5156 ArgilliteKY 2009
au 2017 foys 5156 i a friend has the bird on her farm was wondering what to do with it

2017-10-22AU-2017-FOYS-5156 WurtlandKY 2008
brown and white. let me know what to do with him. i have watered and he/she has drunk.

2017-10-22AU- - -2734 ColumbusIN 2007
i cannot find any other numbers on the band. the bird has an injured wing and i would love to find the owner!

2017-10-22- - - WantageNJ 2006
the band is green and reads: rayy-0 2017 time flyer

2017-10-22AU-2017-FM-1975 PlacidaFL 2005


2017-10-21NBRC-2013- -13 CharlottesvilleVA 2004
found hit by car at 3:00pm oct 21 2017 before rt #683 & border of buckingham county / prince edward county

2017-10-21AU-2017- -875 Kansas CityMO 2003
we found this bird he is living in our greenhouse. is there any help you can provide. he is cream colored with burgandy metallic shading.

2017-10-21IPB-2014-B-20907 NorwoodMA 2002
we found this bird. can you locate the owner?

2017-10-18AU- - -24 PeoriaIL 2001
been at lowe’s garden center4 months or so. solid plastic blue band. beautiful white racing pigeon with black speckles on neck and black on tail. hawks heavy in area- possible reason for staying. we feed and water her oh and she has orange eyes.sweet bird. needs to go home for her own sake. we love her. Band number 24 or 25

2017-10-18AU-2017-JEDDS-28397 IndependenceMO 2000
hit a window pretty hard, stunned-tried to fly away and hit another window. in a cage with food and water. anyone who can help, would be appreciated. has additional green band with uc8 091216? i think

2017-10-18AU- -E-3456 DunedinFL 1999
hi, a pretty unafraid pigeon showed up today at my condo bldg. it has a white band on its left leg and a green band on its right. i have tried to get close enough to read the numbers. i see an au. and e 3456. i have a photo if that helps. i put out food and water. don't know if it will hang around.

2017-10-16- -GF-186 AvondalePA 1998
green band number gf186

2017-10-16AU-2017-GS-7040 CoalvilleUT 1997
this bird is injured and i am wondering what to do with it.

2017-10-16AU-2017- -7032 BostwickFL 1996
found white pigeon. has a hurt eye.

2017-10-16AU-2017-OAKS-439 VenturaCA 1995


2017-10-16- - - East GranbyCT 1994
a pigeon has been living on my porch and under my car since saturday 10/14. i've put out water and barley and called animal control so they can catch him and read the band to find the owner.

2017-10-15AU-2017-CBS-845 TorringtonCT 1993
found the pigeon in our garage. we have him in a cage and are giving him food and water

2017-10-14AU-2014-FLU-620 WashingtonWV 1992
Silver/Blue pigeon has taken up residence on my deck in Washington WV. Been here a couple days. Looks healthy. Have been feeding and watering. Numbers on tag are 014 AUG 0620 FLU. Not sure what sequence is.

2017-10-13IF-2017-EMC-2039 PhiladelphiaPA 1991
the band is green. can't read all of it. pigeon ismostly white with touches of green around neck. found it in the middle of 48th street between windsor and warrington ave

2017-10-12-2016-SHU-2413 LynnwoodWA 1990
domestic racing pigeon with blue band on left leg: "shu 2016 2413" turned into paws wildlife center in lynnwood wa - is thin but healthy and eating fine in our care.

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