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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-08-22NBRC-2012-G-0489 Huber Heights 45424OH 1832
not sure if club is right. but this bird is sitting on a ledge at walgreens at 5000 brandt pike and kitridge intetsection. i fed it some crushed bread sticks. no fear of humans.

2017-08-22-2017-AA-36041 AustinMN 1831
au 2017 aa 36041 found on roof after eclipse seemed dazed and weak but healthy. austin mn

2017-08-22AU-2017-FR-147 BrimfieldMA 1830
this pigeon has been at my home for nearly 2 weeks. it comes the same times every day and eats along side of the other birds. i contacted the fall river au club and quite frankly the gentleman i spoke with really was not all that friendly. i told him i had photographed the tag with a high powered camera. he said if i didn't have the complete tag he couldn't tell who's it was. i explained again i did have the complete tag. i was then told it will not leave because i am feeding it. well i feed the birds. he said they usually leave within 48 hours. it had already been here a week. if i could not capture it, the owner would not come out to brimfield. if i am correct in how to read the bands i assume this is a 2017 hatching. maybe that is why it is not leaving. too young? i have a cage in place and hopefully i can catch this beautiful bird. it certainly is not going to survive once the cold weather sets in. now if no one is interested in helping me find the owner, i will give this to a local organization. all i received from fr au was i believe the man's first name was arnold. thank you for you time. nancy meacham

2017-08-22AU-2017-JEDDS-7815 OdessaMO 1829
flew to us on our deck. before we had a bad storm. we have in a cage with grain and water. it looks healthy. we thinks its tired. unless we hear from someone, we will hold it for another day then release it.

2017-08-22AU-2017-ARPU-15155 NaugatuckCT 1828
landed on my back porch,looks fine just doesn't seem to want to fly. it's very sweet and very clean. i know somebody is missing this little bird

2017-08-21CU-2012- -2960 HelenaMT 1827
guess maybe i need to get closer to find more info. Pigeon appeared in our yard very tame feed grain and water follows my husband.

2017-08-21-2117-PC-1414 Locust GroveVA 1826
i have a pigeon on the farm who is banded..."pc 2017 1414"...she is a sweetheart. i've given her water and food the past two days. she slept last night in a cardboard box i made for her. just a moment ago as she was out...i said to her "are you ready to take off" and she flew off and came back and sat on the top of my car next to me. what is going? what does her band mean? what should i do with her?

2017-08-21-2017-LKC-2877 SalemOR 1825
found injured by collision with window. brought to turtle ridge wildlife center, has fully recovered and is ready to find a his home.

2017-08-20-2017---DRS-171 Virginia BeachVA 1824
saw 2 white doves with small amount of brown on their folded wings on the rocks between the water and the parking lot level of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel 1st island (island where the restaurant and fishing pier are located). were not able to catch the birds. have pictures. Bands: 168 and 171

2017-08-20- - - MediaPA 1823
i live in media pennsylvania and there is a banded pigeon that is in my back yard . very tame. i have a feeling that maybe a hawk might have chased him.

2017-08-20AU-2017-SOL-2813 LebanonMO 1822
please call we think the bird was hit by a car, but it is fine, just scared. thank you

2017-08-20IF-2017-S-810 WarrensburgNY 1821
found dead on my property, 1060 glen athol road, warrensburg, ny on august 16, 2017.

2017-08-19AU-Lap-2017-536 CovinaCA 1820
found dead

2017-08-18-2010-TCSH-3338 WoodbridgeVA 1819


2017-08-18-KPC- -1616 Mt WashingtonKY 1818


2017-08-18- - - HighlandNY 1817
i work at jellystone park in gardiner, ny and we have a white carrier pigeon on that is lost hanging out by our reservation building. we tried to catch him but he flies away when we get too close. someone help find his home i have a picture of him as well.

2017-08-17IF-2017-BB-1010 HopewellNJ 1816
looks like a normal pigeon with a green band lost in our backyard . we are not seeing any letters.

2017-08-17-2011-JMH-5418 WillingboroNJ 1815

2017-08-17IF-2005-OVF-890 NewarkOH 1814
doesnt seem to be able to fly. lets us get close and could touch it. someone please help. it appeared at my mom's work which is a greenhouse and hasnt left for 2 days.

2017-08-17AU-2017-KEN-2249 Mt AuburnIA 1813
found deceased in my yard.

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