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Report DateBand Information Report CityStID
2017-04-26AU-2016-AA-47063 OlympiaWA 1541
the band with the above information is red. the pigeon also has a blue band on its other leg with the number 42 on it.

2017-04-26NPA-2010-DG-905 San JoseCA 1540
pigeon found in aunt and uncle's back yard in sacramento. not sure of the breed but it looks like a gold collar pigeon. we are trying to find the owner so we can reunite them. any information is useful.

2017-04-26AU-2017- -43510 HickoryNC 1539
white tag.those are the letters and numbers i could make out

2017-04-25-2015-EZR-186 FresnoCA 1538
found this pigeon (deceased) in side yard today. no apparent trauma?

2017-04-25NPA-2015-ASF-916 BrooklynNY 1537
this pigeon was found by someone who then brought it to us. we are currently taking care of it.

2017-04-24IPB-2013-R-13165 CarlisleIA 1536
this pigeon flew around our house for a few days and then i believe a cat got it. i am truly sorry. can someone let us know where he was from?? thank you and again we are sorry it didn't make it home. donovan and kim

2017-04-24AU- -DIAZ & SONS-0612 NewburghNY 1535
redband on left leg with a you diaz and sons

2017-04-24-BRA-2015-155 SouthingtonCT 1534
beautiful bird. great health. has been flying around my house for two days. i believe it is a homing pigeon from wetmouth, masa. i have contacted club regarding this pigeon. no calls back yet.

2017-04-23AU-2009- -317335 ChillicotheOH 1533
he was on our window ledge. did the best we could to get new mbers

2017-04-23NBRC-2013-C-1064 Bates CityMO 1532
very pretty green purple/pink pigeon. taking care of it at home. need to find the owners.

2017-04-22-2016-FTS-3682 PhiladelphiaPA 1531
fts found in backyard northeast philadelphia did not make it

2017-04-21AU-2016-KEN-1309 Green BayWI 1530
hawk killed a pigeon in my back yard today.thought you might like to know.

2017-04-21- -BG- YorkME 1529
white pigeon with grey "shoulders" and grey on left wing. the only numbers/letters i can see are 8 bg couldn't see the other side of the metal band.

2017-04-19FCC-2015-FCI-005096 Key WestFL 1527
fcc - fci 005096/15 landed on the deck of a tanker going by cuba. the vessel stopped in key west, fl heading to galveston tx. it will turn around and head back to key west. what to do?

2017-04-18IPB-2016- -9289 RutlandSD 1528
has been hanging around our acreage. the kids finally caught it and put it in a small cage.

2017-04-17NBRC-2016-HO-2078 San FranciscoCA 1526
we have picked up a beautiful pigeon on treasure island in san francisco. the pigeon has one band in purple w/ the writing "nbrc 16 ho278" and a bed band that reads lee roller loft 415-637-5078. please contact us at the above phone number if this pigeon's human is looking to be reunited. thank you. ofc. keefe #27 ofc. pone #13

2017-04-17-2017-US-187 BayonneNJ 1525
us 17 (written sideways) followed by 187

2017-04-17AU-2016-PSC-211 Mission WoodsKS 1524
this bird is in mission woods ks. not flying. call me. steve

2017-04-16AU-2016-ARPU-81881 DunnellonFL 1523
found pigeon on our property yesterday. was not flying, was eating grass. allowed us to get very close. gave food and water. attempted numerous phone numbers to local clubs to help find someone able to care for it. did not receive any return calls. caught and kept in a box overnight with lid open. it was fluffed up and closing eyes. stayed in box all night. put box in tree this morning and pigeon hopped from box to tree. stayed perched and fluffed up for a bit then hopped down to ground. 5 minutes later husband went to check on it and found feathers all over the ground. not sure what got ahold of it but it did not make it.

2017-04-13AU-2016-MET-225 WalkerLA 1522


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