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Building The New Homing Pigeon Loft

The newest loft is still under construction as of 12-23-2006
More Pictures - Exterior Interior

The loft is sited in a clearing of approximately 4 acres. The front of the loft faces south. The rough dimensions are 104 feet in length and 12 foot deep. The height of the front wall is 7 foot. The height of the rear walls are 9 foot. There are eleven 8 X 8 foot sections and a 16 X 8 foot feed and storage room. A 40 inch wide aisle runs the length of the loft along the rear wall. There is a door to the outside on each end of the aisle. The main entry door into the loft is on the front wall and opens into the feed room.

The loft is raised above the ground on piers. Due to the slope of the ground, the height varies from 30 inches to 40 inches from one end to the other. The piers and floor framing are treated lumber. The floor is solid.

The roof pitches are 3 inches in 12 inches. The main roof extends 5 foot past the front to create an overhang. The peak roof over the aisle is 3 foot in the front and 4 foot in the rear. The material is galvalume coated metal. The roof arrangement is designed to create air ventilation in the loft.

The front openings are 5 foot high. The solid walls below are 2 foot high. The 5 foot roof overhang protects the inside from blowing rain.

The rear wall is solid for 9 feet at the bottom and has a 12 inch high opening at the top along the entire length of the loft. This allows the air to move up in the loft then exit out the rear wall.

The walls dividing sections are solid. The nestboxes and perches are placed on these walls. The rear walls of the sections, adjacent to the rear aisle, are wired and have the entry door into the section. The interior height is 6 foot 6 inches.

Aviary and Landing Board
These will be located under the front roof overhang. Pictures and details in the future.

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